Bossa’s death| What ‘two UPCs’ are talking about

Ugandans from different political, and religious groupings have joined Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party is mourning the demise of her former leader, Joseph Bossa.

Mr. Bossa, who was the UPC Secretary General and later Vice President during Dr. Amb. Olara Otunu reign, passed away from The Netherlands at the end of last month.

Unconfirmed report says he succumbed to Colon Cancer.

News of his demise reached Uganda and different persons and insitution, like Uganda Judiciary issued a condolence message and comforting his wife, Lady Justice Solome Bulungi Bossa.

Subsequently, on Wednesday morning, Jimmy Akena – the current party leader, eulogized Joseph Bossa during his second press conference of the year held at UPC headquarters in Kampala.

Mr. Akena, also the Lira Municipality MP, recalled how he came to know Bossa, and that was in 2010 UPC election, which poll saw Dr. Amb. Olara Otunu elected party President.

The MP also recalled that soon, Mr. Otunu appointed Bossa as Secretary General and later his Vice President, positions Akena said the deceased “served till the end of that Term.”


However, and suprisingly, perhaps – on Wednesday, a “letter” purportedly authored by Mr. Peter Mukidi Walubiri as the “now Party President” and quoting Article14.4(4) of UPC Party Constitution, emerged.

He wrote:

“Dear Congressmen and Women, as you are now aware, our Party President passed on yesterday. We are leaving with the family to organise a beffiting funeral for him.”

“To that end , I have today appointed a National Funeral Committee to work with the family to manage the funeral programme. The Committee chaired by Prof. Patrick Rubaihayo and the Secretary General is it’s Secretary.

“The members are Mr. Matiya Kisembo, Ms. Rebecce Ereemye, Mr. Kawesa Ssalongo, Haji Hamza Ssewankambo and Mr. Isha Amiza Otto.”

“The signed and detailed instrument of appointment will be circulated tomorrow.”

Akena’s UPC speaks to TND News

In an exclusive interview with TND News on Thursday morning, UPC party spokeperson, Mike Orach Osinde confirms the “wellness of current party President, Jimmy Akena”, adding that it’s the former Vice President who died.

“The truth is and the fact is that Bossa was the ex-Vice President,” he said.

“Regardless of differences we had politically, first of all it’s unfortunate that we are talking when the former vice president has died and in all intent and purposes, when somebody has died in African culture, we as the party, first of all we must say we can’t use this opportunity to bring in aspect of differences we have had.”

“The truth is and the facts before the living God is that Bossa was the vice president of UPC. That’s the very good leadership,” Mr. Orach says.


“He contested with Honourable Jimmy Akena and lost the election, subsequently Akena was declared the President and that brought political issues. It’s not true that he died a president of UPC – he was the former Vice President and these issues are by no standard a controversy because the position is very clear that the current party President is Jimmy Akena,” he empathises.

“However, this is not the right time for any propaganda to come at a time when we have lost our leader. As UPC we will restraint from any cheap politics and propaganda. Anybody can say anything but the party is sorry for losing Comrade Bossa.”

Regardless of any differences we had politically, we as UPC are very sorry for the loss of Cde Bossa and to us that’s very key and we are doing all it takes to make sure that he gets a good send-off.

On if the past differences and the current talks after the death will offer UPC-Akena comfortable space to attend the burial, Mr. Orach had these to say.

“It’s not about comfortable to attend. It’s about UPC giving Bossa a decent send-off. Therefore, all the UPC members. We have lost a comrade. In UPC we disagree to agree and there’s nothing wrong disagreeing but that doesn’t shy away the fact that Bossa was the vice president of UPC.”

Mr. Osinde terms “everything” as “undeniable facts and you can’t shy away from.”

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