Tanyo, the new bodycare products on the market

Lira – Our body or skin are two key body parts one must take care of it quite often to maintain general body health.

This is done by keeping it clean and applying healthy body products like lotion, jelly, perfume, or soap.

For very many decades now, people have been used to using “old cosmetics” which isn’t bad. However, there is another good news – the birth and goodness of Tanyo variety of body and skincare products.

A product of Bright & White (WNB) Uganda Limited and whose origin is Lira town, Lango sub-region in Northern Uganda, there are over nine different Tanyo products.

All the products are organically made from Shea butter, with no side effects after use.

Talking to TND News recently, Mr. Okao Tom, the executive director, WNB says: “We have received good feedbacks from our customers and normally they only demands for more.”

According to Mr. Okao, there is no regrets in using different Tanyo bodycare products.


He added at least four supermarkets in Lira Municipality are now selling different products, including retail and wholesale shops.

In Kampala, the body and skincare products can be got from WNB salesoffice at Mutungo near Twin’s Pub.

Tanyo Products

Tanyo Shea butter body lotion

Tanyo Shea butter body jelly

Tanyo Shea butter body oil

Tanyo Ghee Lotion

Tanyo Ghee Jelly

Tanyo Ghee Oil

Tanyo Shea butter bathing soap

Tanyo dish and Handwash

Tanyo Shower Gel

Tanyo Shea butter hair products

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