MP Okwir Odwe gets 25 year old challanger in 2021 polls

Alebtong – Politics has turned out to be one of the sweetest ‘social ventures’ in the past decades with ‘young ones’ now tussling it out with old brooms.

It has seen comedians, musicians, retired religious leaders, and other professionals, convincing voters it’s them with good agendas to legislate well for the voters – country.

And with these group of contenders mentioned above, many youth are now inspired and waiting to try kicking away the old leaders come 2021 general polls.

In Moroto County, Alebtong district whose MP is Samuel Okwir Odwe – a renowned contractor (Engineer), he has got a young challanger – a fresh graduate from Uganda Christian University (UCU) Mukono.

Onyong Yubu, if all goes well for him in 2021 polls, and unseat Mr. Okwir, will be the youngest and shortest MP, in Uganda’s history – maybe.

He spoke to TND News on Thursday about his political interest – below, are his words – verbatim.

“I want to be a leader for everyone who will deal with development in everyone’s life and society without discrimination or having political mindset. A true leader for true people.”

“God purposely choose what the world consider nonsense to ashame what the world considers powerful and what the world considers weak to ashame the powerfull,” Mr. Onyong added.

“Some how I have been considered to be weak and a disable by other people but that does not mean leadership is for only well labelled and good appearing humans. Others may think so but for those who believe in God can understand what comedy is, and what leadership is.”

Asked why he’s planning to contest against incubment Okwir, and maybe if he has done nothing, he responded:

“For MP Okwir Odwe case, I may have nothing to say about it for the voters can judge according to how he does his things; every person has his or her own way of opperating.”

On if overstaying in power is good or not good, and why he’s vying under NRM ticket when youth are joining People Power Movement, he also added: “Over staying in power is not good for there are many people who can lead and here I don’t mean the President of Uganda. I am coming under yellow ticket because I was born in this regime and I don’t know about others and I believe in my hard work not the government.”

A politcal pundit who says he was uncomfortable discussing Uganda’s politics now, and asked to be treated with secrecy, later says: “In recent years, when Bobi Wine decided to stand and later winning, youth are inspired and can now try in bad ways.”

“Many of Bobi Wines are in every villages now,” he added.

Currently, Mr. Onyong Yubu is working with Parliament of Uganda as Protocol Officer. Other sources say he has been ‘hired’ by the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah as one of his helpers.

But according to Yubu, he’s not, adding: “I owns an entertainment crew call ‘Boss Baby'”.

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