PICTORIALS: Atiak Sugar Factory Limited construction now at 80 percent

Amuru – Founded in 2016, the construction of Atiak Sugar Factory Limited located in Gem village, Pacilo parish, Atiak sub-county in Amuru district is set to be completed ‘soon’.

Once the construction is completed, and the factory starts working, it will be crushing 1,600 tonnes – 1650,000kg of raw cane daily.

The factory will also be capable of producing 66,000 tonnes, which is about 66,000,000kg of powder sugar, yearly.

As of 2016, it had employed more that 1500 people.

“The progress on site in terms of percent is now at 80,” Amina Hersi Morghe, Chief Executive Officer tells TND News recently.

In July 2018, the construction was estimated at 70 percent, and Amina had invested an estimated Uganda shillings 272 billion.

Atiak Sugar Factory Limited, a subsidiary of Horyal Investments Holding Company Limited – is being constructed by Sugarn Power Projects Private Limited, the supervising engineering company from India.

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