‘Gulu kidnapper’ dumps 3 year old child on receiving ransom

Internet photo.

 Gulu – A 3 and a half year old child kidnapped on Sunday from Holy Rosary Church in Gulu town has rejoined her parents.

Javia Gum was kidnapped at around 1pm, Otema Francis, the child’s father says.

The kidnapper left a note for the parent, requesting them to pay (wire him/her) Uganda shillings 1.5 million in order for them to release their child.

“She was found dumped in one of the hotels in Pece division after the parents wired Uganda shillings 500,000.00,” Mr. Otema added.

The case was reported to Gulu Central Police under SD reference: 04/15/09/2019.

“The kidnapper is still at large and being hunted,” Police says.

Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa regional police spokeperson appealed to parents to always be close to their children and to be  concerned of their whereabout.

“This is the second time this year that police have registered similar case of kidnnap in the region,” he added.

“Police will soon mount camera towers in four key places of Gulu Public, Layibi College, Lacor and Boma ground to link CCTV cameras to the main server at Gulu central police station and to help police in dealing with such criminals as Gulu awaits City status next year,” Mr. Okema told TND News.

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