Kamdini, where fetuses are dropped like rotten cabbages

|Kamdini leaders have resolved to stop single ladies from renting houses within the town council as abortion intensifies – Komakech Jimmy writes

Kamdini Town Council in Oyam South Constituency, Oyam district is faced with high cases of abortion.

This was revealed to TND News by some residents and leaders. 

Sarah Ajok, one of the residents revealed that she frequently gets information from garbage collectors about fetuses placed in dustbins.

“My neighbor is a community cleaner and normally tells me about getting aborted babies wrapped up in a black pil or boxes whenever they are collecting rubbish from the centre and that the aborted  babies are many,” Ms. Ajok said of her neighbor.

Apari Nana also says the challenges triggering the high abortion is negligence by the men in the area who after impregnating the desperste girls go hiding, leaving them (poor girls) with responsibility of taking care of the unborn babies.


“……and that force them to resort to aborting the unborn innocent babies,” she noted.

Harriet Ogani Tot, a female councilor for Te-nam Western Ward in Kamdini Town Council admitted that the high rate of abortion is due to the rising cases of prostitution as most young girls would choose to go for live sex minus using protection and that makes most of them to get the unwanted pregnancies.

And according to the “research” conducted by the area leaders, it reveals that the ‘garbage bank’ were they finally dump the waste, accommodates more than ten black pils or boxes, all containing aborted babies.

In trying to avert this practice, local leaders have resolved that landlords should not allow single ladies to rent houses in the town council as a way of controlling bad sexual intercourses.

Moses Omara who’s the LC1 Kamdini Town Council acknowledged that: “Recently, i was aggrieved that a woman took her 17 year old daughter for forced abortion and as leaders we are arresting such type of people and charging them with murder.”

Also, Jacob Ocen, the LC1 chairperson, Amenye parish in Kamdini Town Council, however said that: “Abortion cases in the area is triggered by the ongoing works at Karuma by Synohydro Company. Most of the workers are renting in the centre and that has made them to have sexual intercourse with our young daughters.”

“We are aware most of them (bad men) are no longer in the area due to the reduced workloads with Synohydro,” he added.

Ogwang Sam Paul, the LC3 chairperson (“Mayor”) Kamdini Town Council confirmed that the case is true. “Abortion is, and it is on the rise. As Town Council, we are always getting fetuses when collecting garbages. As leaders, very soon we will launch an operation to kick out single ladies living and doing such dubious act in the town council.”

Thomas Malinga, the Oyam district Health Officer could not respond to the matter by press time to comment on “general health implications”.

Mr. Malinga claims that he was for a workshop in Kampala, evaluating bid for upgrades of health centres. “I should be contacted later,” he told our reporter.

Kamdini is growing very fast in nearly all sectors, thanks to her strategic location. The town counci and sub-county together jointly host more than 10 nationalities and tribes and some called it a “gateway to the greater north”. Others say it’s a new “sex heaven” for visitors!

Available online data, an estimate of 2012 indicates Kamdini, popularly known as Kamdini Corner has 5000 people. This number might have doubled, years later.

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