NRM supporters celebrate reappointment of DAS

Dokolo – Some residents of Dokolo district who subscribe to National Resistance Movement [NRM] party has on Thursday celebrated the reappointment of JB Otoke as NRM district administrative secretary [DAS] after termination of his contract.

NRM party secretariat early this year terminated contracts of all its administrative secretaries countryside.

She soon gave powers to NRM party leadership in the district to appoint someone who would keep office for a period of three months.

In Dokolo district the party under the leadership of Betrice Abang Kia, had appointed Ivan Otaka as district administrative secretary who later served beyond three months waiting for official confirmation from the party secretariat.

Andrew Abor, the secretary NRM party Dokolo town council expressed gratitude on the return of his comrade, JB Otoke, saying he is brilliant enough and able to run all the party business.

Abor thanked NRM party secretariat for reinstalling Otoke to Dokolo as district administrative secretary during “this wonderful moment that NRM party election roadmap is out.”

Emmanuel Elotu, a party member Otoke says “he’s very matured in doing party duties and has helped us a lot in mobilizing votes to win the opposition counterparts during the 2016.”

In April 2019, NRM party supporters in Dokolo district got givided after being “confused of having two administrative secretaries with a lot of controversy on local radios.”

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