Children of Acholi FRONASA fighters ‘blame’ President Museveni

President Museveni is eligible for 2021 presidential polls.

By Jimmy Komakech

Acholi sub-region – Family members of those who fought under Front for National Salvation (FRONASA) in Acholi sub region are demanding for audience and financial support from President Museveni.

They say their parents (many now dead) fought harder to help President Yoweri Museveni Kaguta get into power and stay for three decades and still counting.

The group, now angry and hungry, say Mr. Museveni has left them “without any support despites losing their parents and relatives in the fight for the liberation.”


Nyero Denis from Atiak sub-county in Amuru district who lost his father in the fight for liberation, says the President always dispatch people to interrogate them but the “end result is not there.”

“We were also requested to register names of our children for education scholarships but it is very unrealistic and annoying,” he added.

Susan Amony, another orphan revealed that her father was killed long time ago and they are from Obwona  Amos’s family.

“We never  studied and i’m appealing to  the President to help me pay my daughter who is studying Law. Right now, I am struggling to pay her tuition from the small business I do,” Ms Amony told TND News.

Gaspher Arop, the chairperson FRONASA in Atiak revealed that “our challenge is not with the President but those he normally send to (us) the community and most of them do it for their self-gains and their interest.”

“Our interest is to get scholarships for our children. The President promised that in each and every FRONASA family their children will get education scholarship but that has not been achieved,” he added.

“W really want to meet the President one on one so that he can hear our plights and group us for solution,” Arop says.

Francis Okello Odoki is the FRONASA coordinator in Acholi sub-region. He said that they are very disappointed because in this regime they believed their father fought for, they are  living in pain, anguish, poverty and above all their children are not going to school.

“Our families are being neglected; we are intending to get into an economic activities to change the situation of the poorest, organizing a memorial prayer for the fallen FRONASA historicals in Acholi sub-region, a symposium and a lecture in memory of their struggles,” Adoki told TND News.

The FRONASA fraternity who fought for the liberation that saw President Museveni in to power from Idi Amin regime are over 500 in Acholi sub region.

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