Who’s coming for me? Boy wants to study, no money

Apac, Kwania – Education is without doubt the only tool to good life and prosperity. With quality education, you may still lack basic needs but not for too long!

In Uganda today, to obtain education (be trained in any skill, course) or right from Kindergarten, it’s never cheap anymore.

Even with ‘available’ educational scholarships and bursaries talked about, only lucky ones are fully enjoying. This, to some extent comes about ‘how connected, popular’ that family is, or that learner.

With poor, unprivileged but bright learners out there missing the bursaries and scholarships, some are coming out openly, asking for monetary support to further their education.

Ebong Solomon, 24, who completed his certificate in nursing from Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery in Apac district in 2015, has resorted to digging to get money to pay his tuition.

Ebong told TND News that recently he picked admission letter from the same school to enroll for a diploma in nursing but he was sent packing by school administrators for not paying his tuition to zero balance.

“I have failed to raise shillings 3 million needed to complete my diploma in nursing. So please I’m looking for wellwhisers, sponsors,” Ebong is pleading.

Determined to study but have nothing, Ebong Solomon in his nursing uniform.

Trying all ways to see himself schooling, he added: “I have resorted to digging to help raise some money but no hopes too.”

With only his mother, Ebong’s dreams of becoming a community health worker is sinking everyday.

“As of now, I have only shillings 200,000 with me and there is no guarantee it will remain the same amount tomorrow,” he added.

Asked if he ever approached any organization to offer support, he told TND News, “Yes. I approached an organization, they deducted half of the tuition but the school refused that a student must be able to pay the remaining balance.”

Speaking to TND News Monday afternoon, Omara Tonny Mike, the Health Tutor at Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery, Ebong can’t be admitted without paying his tution to zero balance.


“Solomon is an OB of this school and got admission letter in March this year to study diploma in nursing. After getting the letter, he has been sharing with us his challenges of getting tuition and the school advised him if he can’t get the tuition, he should wait for next intake next year,” Mr. Omara said.

Ebong’s admission letter and below tuition breakdown.

“And we are on the process of registering students with examining bodybody. He wanted to come and study but we advised him to pay tuition fully. This is a private school, we also don’t get grants from government or donors and there are much needed by school to maintain diploma students,” he added.

Asked why out of many students they can’t allow the desperate boy study as he hunts for money, he (Omara) told us: “Even after registering him that way, we have the right to deny him sitting exams.”

To support Solomon Ebong, who says he resides in Chawente sub-county, Kwania district, reach him on: +256779336708

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