UPC: “Are we all that careless as a country to neglect safety measures?”

Kampala – Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party has partly blamed passengers for the continued road accidents in the country.

UPC, in its weekly press briefing held at Uganda House on Wednesday, says she is “very much concerned about lives of people that we continue to lose in fatal accidents, every now and then.”

The opposition party cited the recent road accidents, one involving a YY coach and a commuter taxi at Bukonte village in Namutumba district, as well as a fuel tanker explosion at Kyambura trading centre in Rubirizi district. Many lives got lost.

“It’s reported that these escalating accidents are occurring as a result of reckless driving, but we should also note that our busy roads are too narrow to accommodate such trucks and a lot of issues are coming up for critical discussions,” party spokesperson, Mike Orach Osinde says in a statement.

“Are we all that careless as a country to neglect safety measures?”, UPC asked, adding: “We would like to make it clear that the road safety begins with you, the passenger.”

“The passenger should not sit behind and watch on driversdrivers driving them recklessly. It’s the passenger’s mandate to control and caution reckless drivers, record the vehicle’s registration number, and report to their offices as well as police,” Mr. Jimmy Akena led UPC suggests.

Before 1990s, the party recalled that water, railway, road and air transports were all functioning well and should be “appreciated” because it gave various alternatives to use in relation to what to be transported by which means.

“UPC calls upon government to revert to the old system of transport. Immediately restore the train commuter services for both routes out of Kampala to Mukono in the East and to Bujuko in the West.”

The annual police crime report of 2018 indicates that over 3,000 perished in different road accidents, which according to opposition party can be averted through passenger’s “action and control” of reckless drivers.


On NSSF proposed Bill whose objective is to expand social security coverage by making contributions to NSSF mandatory for all workers in formal sector, among many targets, UPC disagrees as member’s benefit shall be taxed at the point of payment.

The proposed amendment, however shall not be applicable in case of death or invalidity and taxation shall be at the prevailing rate at the time of benefit’s payment.

“Uganda People’s Congress being a social democratic party is of the view that government should maintain status quo on taxing workers before the member’s contributions to NSSF.”

According to UPC, NSSF is “not a bank that lends to government and commercial banks. NSSF should invest workers saving in projects that wikk develop the country like housing sector. Members should be able to buy such houses with their benefits.”

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