Opposition parties lack post Museveni agenda

Col (Rtd) Dr Kizza Besigye and Mugisha Muntu have parted ways. Courtesy/File photo.

Former army commander, Gen (Rtd) Gregory Mugisha Muntu has blamed the past political turmoil in the country to weak institutions and dishonest leaders who got intoxicated by power.

Gen. Mugisha Muntu is the leader of the newest political party, Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) Party.

Muntu on Wednesday met with his supporters at Pacific Grand Hotel in Lira where he told them that Uganda had “a rough political time because of dishonest leaders” who got into “power and got drunk with power” likening to a man who goes for liquor in  a bar.


“You know when you go to a bar and you start with one bottle by the time you are on the first bottle, your vision starts being blurred,” Muntu told a cheering crowd in Lira.

He said most of the leaders in the 60’s and 70’s had good plans for the country but they “digressed because they got drunk with power”.

Mr. Muntu further said as National Alliance for Transformation, they seek to have a clear agenda for the country beyond just “removing President Musevani” and stressed that the party “will put the country and the citizens first”.

According to Muntu, some of the transformations that will be ushered by Alliance for National Transformation include restoring democracy, justice, equality and rule of law.

Meanwhile, in what appears to be an indirect jibe at his former party, the Forum for Democratic Change -FDC, Muntu said nearly all the opposition political parties in the country have “failed to deliver the country from the dictatorial regime of President Museveni because their ideologies  is only geared towards removing President Museveni “without post-Museveni agenda”.

Muntu then implored the party members to understand that much as they seek to capture state power and dislodge President Museveni from power, ANT should have a clear agenda for the country and citizens.

“Nearly every opposition party in this country is focused towards removing the dictatorship, but then what happens when you get into power,” he asked.

“For us as ANT, we must get power yes, but we should know that power is just a mean to transform the country,” Muntu told his supporters.

The former army commander who is on a countrywide tour says ANT will establish a strong structure right from parish, sub-county, district and national level and assured them that “the party will be in State House in 2021”.


Muntu heads next to Soroti

The former party President of Forum for Democratic Change disagreed with his predecessor, Dr. Kizza Besigye ideologically before starting his own party.

Muntu believed then, that, FDC should have focused on deepening the party structure but Besigye often took a radical direction of defiance that saw him in trouble with police most times.

Muntu worked with both President Museveni and Kizza Besigye before he walked his way.

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