State House staff disguises as patients, nabs quack nurses

In line with Health Monitoring Unit’s (HMU) core mandate of monitoring national health service delivery with intention to improve and address prevailing gaps, the unit has scaled up and intensified its “mandatory operations in Wakiso district” in a clean up exercise.

The operation is dubbed “Ensuring Compliance to Medical & NDA Regulations.”

The pacification exercise comes amidst reports of increasing numbers of imposters and those masquerading as Doctors, clinical officers, enrolled nurses and midwifes while operating drug shops licensed by National Drug Authority as “Class C”, majority of whom with questionable papers and licences.

On 10, August 2019, while in Kasangati town, Gayaya and Luteete areas, Sister Florence Awati and Sister Grace Edyegu on different occasions, interchangeably, disguised as “severely ill patients in order to catch their victims live in action”.

Some of the drug shops that received thorough warnings and cautions included;

T & T Drug Centre in Luteete.

Rhyan Drug Shop

Tendo Drug Store in Wampewo

Marian Drug Shop

J.C Drug Shop

Set Free Drug Shop in Gayaza

Nu Drug Store in Gayaza

KK Denzo Drug Shop in Gayaza

….drug shops visited above

The team briefly detained a one Rose Nakawunde of T & T Drug Centre at Kasangati Police Station for her arrogance and failure to cooperate and produce proper appropriate documentations for her drug shop as well as practitioner’s license.

St. Grace Edyegu (M) who disguises as a patient in dark shade. She’s being attended to by quark nurses.
Sr. Florence Awati (R) who faked sickness being attended by quark nurse.

Dr Jackson Ojera Abusu, the director Health Monitoring Unit urged all students wishing to join the health professional fields to make sure that they go and study from registered schools which are recognized with proper addresses in order to avoid endangering the lives of patients.

Dr Ojera further cautioned all drug shops “to stick and adhere to the standards and regulations as stipulated by the National Drug Authority Act and also to employ duly qualified health workers” that are recognized as permitted by Law to practice midwifery but not employing nursing aids with questionable papers to manage the drug shops.

HMU’s core mandate

It’s truly a multi-disciplinary team comprising of medical doctors, pharmacists, public health & health system specialists, auditors, lawyers, policy analysts, communications and ICT officers as well as administrative and technical support staff.


The multidisciplinary nature of HMU is considerably further enhanced by the attachment of senior investigative officers (CIDs) from the Uganda Police Force.

These different professionals provide specialist advice and action in HMU’s work.

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