UPC wants Ziggy Wine’s death probed further

In recent years, Uganda registered high rate of crimes especially in urban towns. These crimes include murder, kidnap, assassination, among others.

With government, especially President Yoweri Museveni coming out with dozens of directives to avert rampant crimes, still, the country is yet to register low crime rates.

On Wednesday, Uganda People’s Congress (UPC party) asked government to do much more in reducing crimes a head of 2021 general elections.

The opposition political party, UPC, also calls for further probe into the death of Ziggy Wine, former member of Firebase Crew.

“There are worrying signs that peace is increasingly getting threatened, which directly or indirectly impacts on the security, economy and development of our country,” UPC says in its weekly press conference on Wednesday.

“Of late, Uganda is experiencing a new wave of violence that causes a lot of concern and caution! Any suspect accused of any crime, his or her life can be terminated there and then if police does not come to the rescue on time. Equally there is an increase in armed robberies that leaves victims either permanently maimed or dead.”

On the political side, “Ayu-ayu” says quite a number of opposition political party rallies or meetings are disbanded with a show of force involving tear gas, bullets that are fired to disperse the crowds which go astray at times and injure innocent people.”

According to UPC, citizens (some) are permanently maimed when they are released by their captors.

“The latest demise of a young upcoming singer, Michael Alinde also known Ziggy Wine is surrounded by controversy; initially he was reported missing and later found admitted at Mulago National Referral Hospital in a very critical condition,” says Micheal Orach Osinde, UPC spokesperson.

“Now police has come up with a report indicating that Ziggy was involved in a fatal motorbike accident. This needs further investigation and presented to the public in a much coherent manner that removes any doubts,” opposition party demands.


“The recent scenes of violence at Buganda Road Court are very much regrettable. A presiding Magistrate was violently hit by a water bottle from a protestor who was not satisfied by a ruling the Magistrate delivered regarding a case brought against Dr. Stella Nyanzi a Makerere University don turned female activist who was sentenced to Nine (9) months for cyber harassment,” it says, adding: “This depicts a very ugly scene on our democratic governance!”

“Uganda Peoples Congress therefore condemns all acts of insecurity, the senseless mob justice, abduction and torture of victims and the rabid anger as well as violence meted to judicial officers carrying their lawful activities in Courts of law.”

It is UPC’s contention that “these and many more incidences of threat, insecurity and violence should cease and be contained by government”.

“At this stage as we are getting closer to the general elections of 2021, the country should be calm and heightened tensions should be avoided. Let us build on the spirit of dialogue and comradeship in order to bring up harmony in the society.”

Calls to regime

UPC calls upon government to play her constitutional role to protect and promote human rights and re-assure her citizens of their safety and security.

The concerned security agencies should also conduct inquiries and investigations in the above captioned matters and bring the culprits of such acts to book.

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