Kibaale NRM chief defects to Wine’s People Power

The former Kibaale district NRM registrar has abandoned the yellow bus for red movement – the People Power. He cites numerous reasons for his defection.

Mbaziira Leonard says inconsistencies in NRM party was one of the many reasons which allowed him to jump out of the yellow bus.

“I served as a registrar but this is the time I entirely quit the party because it has no future especially to the young generation, the NRM party is full of old selfish men and women who do not want to relinquish power to the young ones,” he roars after quitting.

“NRM has now become a party for the old. Instead of naturing the young cadres it’s instead making the old ones to stay for ever and ever. We shall not accept such a behavior,” Mr. Mbaziira added.

He says, encouraging young generation to “come up in full swing and take charge of their future since the old ones seem to be hesitant”.

The ex-NRM district boss was welcomed to People Power Movement by Livingstone Akugizibwe who was recently appointed by Bobi Wine


Mr. Akugizibwe is one of the coordinators manning Bunyoro sub-region mobilising and recruiting masses to rally behind the Kyandondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu who vows to dislodge President Yoweri Museveni from power come 2021 polls.

The new recruit was tasked to go on with the campaigns and encourage more people to reclaim their power from a “few who think they fought’.

He’s has shown interest to contest for Bugangaizi West MP comes general polls.

“Our role as People Power is not to use fire arms or violent means, we are saying power belongs to people and they should claim it from the hands of the few,” Akugizibwe tells TND News Saturday.

“As People Power I encourage youth not to be violent; let’s be law abiding citizens as we take charge of this country,” Livingstone adds.

Officially, Mbaziira Leonard is now the Kakumiro district People Power coordinator.

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