Lango ‘building Akii-Bua Stadium’ on their own, for the love of football

This is how Akii Bua new stadium in Lira looks like. File photo.

A local adage widely used by Lango people says “a stick far away can’t kill a snake” and indeed it’s very true.

Some wise people have always said “start with what you have and grow big”.

Now, with two above adages appearing to be one or two of the only options, Lango people have started constructing for themselves perimeter wall and levelling play field on the controversial proposed Akii-bua Olympic stadium’s land.


Worth to know is that what Lango people are doing for themselves now is a government multi-billion project, which besides stalling for decades, has had controversies.

This was after Parliament queried how over shillings 600 million given to Lira district local government for preliminary works was mis[used].

As per fund’s allocation, both Lira district local government and central government didn’t include Akii-bua Olympic stadium construction in their immediate plan and too, in the 2019/2020 fiscal year budgets.

What stands as of now are simple pavilion, pit latrines, access roads – all done, thanks to government.

We can’t wait’

Speaking to TND News on Friday morning, Francis Ogema Awany – one top moblizer and an ardent supporter of Lango Province Team in the popular Fufa Drum Competitions says they couldn’t wait.

He refuted reports indicating that Lango are “building entire Akii Bua Olympic Stadium”, revealing that alternative playground is what is being worked on.

“We are doing it as Lango. We took the initiative because we can’t wait for local government’s decision and it has not been planned for,” he says.

Mr. Ogema added: “UTC Lira playground is worn out and so many activities taking place there. FUFA gave us conditions that they want green field with perimeter fence.”

Asked how they’re getting funds to do the works, he says, “we are picking by ourselves and some wellwhisers are contributing”. About shillings 22 million is required for perimeter fence.

One of the meetings held late last month at the stadium. Courtesy photo.

Asked if after Lira district LC5 chairman, Alex Patrick Oremo Alot using his powers to allow Lango Province Team management ‘develop the stadium’ and be used for Province footballing activities, there is any more polical supports from Lango MPs, Ogema said “we are not begging anybody for help”.

“We are not looking for everybody and we can’t beg anybody. If Lango Parliamentary Group (LPG) want, let them come,” Ogema sounded on phone, Thursday.

He applauded Lira district for giving them “more than what anybody has given”.

According him, what they’re doing now is out of “passion for football”.

In his message to TND News Friday afternoon, Denis Hamson Obua, the Ajuri County MP in Alebtong district applauded the local initiative.

Mr. Obua, who is also the Lango Province Team Head of Delegation briefly said: “As we wait for the promised construction of Akii Bua Stadium to start by government, I support the local initiative by the people of Lango to have the stadium.”

This preparation is also following FUFA selection of Lango and Acholi subregions as hosts of Fufa Drum quarterfinals due next month.

Both Lango and Acholi Provinces progressed to quarterfinals after quality displays at group stages.

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