Gay Muslim youth goes missing, feared kidnapped

It’s a week since a suspected gay Muslim youth was last seen walking on this earth.

The missing person has been identified as Mohammed Ssewagudde, who was last year reportedly kicked out of a University after being found smooching a fellow male student.

As if that was not bad enough, his family also ejected him out of their family home on grounds of disgraceful conduct.

Ssewagudde was last seen a week ago by his friend, Richard Ssegawa, with whom he has been staying since his destitute predicament.

Mohammed Ssewagudde in red trouser during his university days.

“We went together to a nightclub in Kawempe to have a good time. He was wearing a black jumper and a blue pair of jeans. The jumper had a hood which I suspect was to help disguise himself,” said Ssegawa.

Ssegawa added that at around 1:00am, he resolved that they should head back home but Ssewagudde insisted that the night was still young.

“I was okay with it since he had a spare key. I told him to find me home  before I exited the club to go board a taxi back to Matugga,” Ssegawa added.

However, Ssewagudde did not show up. The following morning,  Ssegawa called his phone but it has since been off.

On being asked whether he had seen anything peculiar about Ssewagudde’s conduct, Ssegawa intimated that he had lately hooked up with a Muzungu man currently living in Uganda and the two were enjoying each other’s company.

“They would spend long hours chatting or talking on phone and I would tell that he was his boyfriend,” Ssegawa said.

Although it is suspected that Ssewagudde could have decided to hook up with his loaded Zungu boyfriend, Ssegawa is fearful that he could have finally fallen a victim to radical anti-homosexuals who had been trailing his back for a longtime.

An attempt to destroy the 23-year-old’s life happened sometime back when three unknown people nearly run him over with a car at Matugga trading centre.

It is suspected that the diabolical plan to bump off Ssewagudde was hatched by radical university students and a Muslim clique in his home village of Bule, purportedly accusing him of offending Islam and the Quran.

This happened after he was found fondling a yet-to-be identified male student in his hostel room by a caretaker shortly after lectures. 

When word reached fellow students and the top echelons of the University administration, both students were kicked out of the university for indulging in abominable acts. It was not long before his family followed suit.

With nowhere to go, Ssewagudde dashed at Ssegawa’s house in Matugga, where he has been staying until his mysterious disappearance.

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