How Lira LC5 boss’ political ‘decree’ on Akii-Bua stadium might work well for him

Lira LC5 boss Alex Oremo [in red neck tie] addressing media last week. Photo by Frank Oyugi

If you are a passionate consumer of current affairs or what is commonly referred to as news, then you ought to agree with this contemporary online newspaper that Akii Bua Olympic stadium funds saga became a huge controversial media content that equally put Lira district local government officials on a tight spot. Lira district LC5 chairman, Alex Patrick Oremo equally not spared.

Government of Uganda through the ministry of education and sports committed to construct Akii Bua Olympic stadium which sits on a 17 hectares’ piece of land on former Erute government prison.

This magnificent stadium in memory of the Late John Akii Bua, Uganda’s first Olympic gold medalist is supposed to have among others training facilities, a swimming pool, changing rooms and a pavilion – and so much more facilities.

But today, what is standing on a piece of land measuring 638 meters is a flat green field- fairly leveled and a terrace or rather a structure that resembles a pavilion.

Dissatisfied with the magnitude of the work done and that the ministry of education and sports had disbursed a colossal sum of shillings 600m to Lira district local government, there was resentment from the local community on the local leadership.

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Just when the local community was searching for answers, another shot was fired by MPs Denis Hamson Obua of Ajuri County and Tonny Ayo of Kwania leading to an inquiry by the Committee on State Enterprises and Statutory Authorities – COSASE.

Alex Oremo, his then CAO Mark Tivu and engineer Hudson Omoko appeared before the committee and answered questions why they compensated squatters on Erute government land and related accountability issues.

This became a political mud to sling at Oremo by his rivals who ensured he was always heckled by the locals at public gatherings. “Our money for Akii-Bua they would shout.”

Twist of events
If there is any leader who has greatly benefited from the FUFA Drum Competitions, then it is none other than Alex Patrick Oremo A lot. One might be quick to ask why? In the inaugural FUFA Drum that Lango participated in and got eliminated from the group stages, it played all its home matches at Uganda Technical College [UTC Lira].

And this was never to change this second edition owing to the fact that there was no alternative ground that would meet technical standards set by the Federation.

Recently after settling for a barren draw with Sebei Province, Lango Province booked a ticket to the quarter finals of the drum games, and here came a clear green light from FUFA that Lango Province could host all the quarterfinals and even the final, but the boom-UTC playground became obsolete in terms of space and the quality of the field.

Left with no option, the management of Lango Province who include Ebuk Sam aka Sam Samu – chief mobiliser, Geoffrey Omara, chairperson, Francis Ogema Awany, legal officer and Fred Ayena aka Sajapa as the finance boss were left with no option than to turn to the controversial Akii-Bua stadium, and thus Oremo’s political redemption.

As you read this article, Oremo is walking with his head high after granting Lango Province access to use Akii-Bua stadium as their play ground in the next FUFA drum matches.

“Upon your request, I take this opportunity to use the powers vested in me by the local government Act which stipulated that the district chairman can act on public interest and report later to the executive and the council, and I give you this Akii- Bua stadium training ground for hosting Lango Province FUFA drum games,” Oremo told a cheering crowd on Thursday.

Oremo went on to pledge further that he would write to the ministry of education and sports so it can sublease the training ground so it ‘permanently becomes the official home ground for Lango Province’ and other Lango teams.

Mr. Oremo also hinted at a possibility of initiating Milton Obote memorial cup, attracting further applause from the crowd.

Jeff Omara (Geoffrey) lauded the district, adding that they intend to grade the field, make it green and raise a perimeter wall a head of their meeting with FUFA so it can meet the required standards ahead of quarter finals in October.

Meanwhile Oremo has also called upon business men who can acquire private lands around the stadium to raise structures that can house restaurants, hotels and discothèques so they can mint money which enhances the concept of Public Private Partnership and Local Economic Development – LED.

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