OPINION: 2021 polls – the current happenings, anticipations

Bobi Wine. His home has been under security forces' watch for nearly two weeks. File photo.

By Hon. Ishaa Amiza Otto

Ugandans are left with not more than two years to general elections in 2021 and a number of political businesses have commenced by “all political players”.

However, with electoral commission yet to pronounce its guidelines or road maps to political parties, and those vying on independent ticket, some say the incumbent regime – through President Museveni Yoweri has started early campaigns.

This thinking (early campaigns by NRM national party leader) has be quashed, and vehemently backed by electoral commission, who says – as reported in different media “the president is implementing government assignments – his 2016-2021 manifesto”.

In his opinion, herein, a political pundit, human right activist and former Member of Parliament, Oyam South, Isaah Otto Amiza – expresses concerns, and brutality on civilians and Lawmakers by senior government officials – especially those (some) who fought to assume power in 1986.

He says: “In the wake to the general elections of 2021, new development have started unfolding.

“A few months ago, the NRA-Movement regime passed out thousands of recruits in the LDUs and deployed them in the Kampala areas.

“Gen. Matayo Kyaligonza, one of the Luweero bush war gang group members harassed and assaulted the female police traffic officer on her duty in Kampala. The matter is before court.

“Gen. Elly Tumwine unleashed a scathing attack on the institution of Parliament, the person of the Speaker of Parliament and physically assaulted Imat Cecilia Atim Ogwal, MP Dokolo.

“Sometime Gen. Museveni had also declared himself Gen. of NRA who is not a servant of anybody but a worker for his family.

“These developments, coupled with the brutal, primitive and barbaric physical attack on the opposition Parliamentarians during the debate on removal of age limit and violent killing of an MP’s driver and beating of two MPs to a coma in the by- elections to replace Hon. Ibrahim Abiriga (RIP) in Arua Municipality, etc, etc.

“All these episodes coupled with broad day light looting of public wealth, followed by brutal arrests, murders, illegal detentions and award of huge electoral associated court costs on opposition opponents of the NRA cadres, speaks volumes about the future of democracy and rule of law in the country particularly, as the country tends towards 2021polls.

“It’s now open and naked truth that besides the use of stolen public wealth and state machinery to unleash terror, the NRA State is preparing to unleash terror on opposition politicians and vulnerable members of the community of Uganda as the country heats up towards elections of 2021.

“It is also common knowledge that Mr. Museveni is determined to stay in power with hook or crook regardless of the plight of the people of Uganda.

“The arrogance being displayed by the NRA Generals are mere attempts to create fear in the populace and to prepare the mindset of the security forces against the civilian population.

“Therefore, these acts of barbarism must be condemned, confronted and the perpetrators targeted to face the law and public court.

“Ugandans should also know that “an attack on any one of our leader is an attack on all of us”, therefore the attacks on Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga and Hon. Imat Cecelia Ogwal are not attack on the two but it’s an attack on Lango & Basoga, and indeed an attack on the female persons and indeed an attack on the Constitution that establishes Parliament and the attack on all the Peoples of Uganda who owns the power to determine how they should be governed.

Way forward

“I call upon all Ugandans to come together to put an end to the 35 years of slavery and autocracy come 2021.

“It’s not longer about the party, region, religion or language you speak but the destiny of the country you live in.

“The elections of 2021 must be free & fair or the power of the people is invoked.

“It has happened in Egypt, Algeria, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Libya and recently in Sudan. It can also be done in Uganda .

For God and My Country.

The author is a former Oyam South MP, an indigenous citizen of Uganda & a Mobilizer of the UPC Party.
(256) 752-134-178

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