Interview: Knowing deeper Lake Naivasha Institute

Lake Naivasha Institute Kenya has widened its educational territory to Uganda, enrolling students on different courses. It’s a registered institution with line ministries – and given green light to operate.

TND News today republishes an interview where wide range of issues were discussed – excerpt herein.

Qn. I understand that Naivasha is an education and knowledge sharing institute, take us through what exactly do you do and your knowledge sharing journey thus far?

Ans. Well Lake Naivasha is an institute like any other that trains students. However ours is mostly a skills learning arena where we prepare, discover and transform a student and by the time he/she graduates, they are ready to take on the job competently.


This is so because we train them with the appropriate equipment and by doing that, the student adds more value to what they already have and that is what we can boast about as transforming them.

At Lake Naivasha institute, our students come and discover their dreams immediately. Imagine just after one or two months, a student is ready. Lake Naivasha Institute is the leading skills institution that trains plant operators in East Africa.

Our headquarters are in Nairobi Kenya where we have three (3) running branches. The main campus is the Uthiru campus along Nakuru-Nairobi highway. There is another branch at Utali house in Nairobi center while the third one is the Naivasha branch.

In Uganda we just established one branch which is the fourth branch in the region. The one in Uganda at the Uganda House, level 18 handles only theory for the plant operator course.

 Qn. There are so many institutions that serve the same purpose in Uganda, why do you choose to come?

Ans. Uganda has good number of institutions indeed that also provide the same services as Lake Naivasha Institute but we have come to realise that there is need in the field of plant operator institutes in Uganda. This course for instance never goes stale as far as employment is concerned because of its high demand in the community no matter where you come from.


Take an example, construction of roads, railways, dams, pipelines, buildings, that is something that will never go away at least not in so many years to come. And now with the oil discovery in Uganda the employment market is fresh and welcoming for all those that have knowledge of plant operating and therefore Lake Naivasha Institute comes with an opportunity to help you grab that beautiful chance of employment by bringing close the plant operator course that hasn’t been here in Uganda.

 Qn. How do you package the courses that you offer?

Ans. We focus more on giving out the best services to our clients, so we tend to focus more on practical than theory because we are looking at getting and passing out student that will be able to manage this very competitive work environment.

Qn. How do you manage the market competition for the students?

Ans. Our ability to pass out competent student products has helped us manage the competition well. And the difference between us and the other institutions here is that Lake Naivasha Institute follows-up on students that graduate with it and keep updating them on any job opportunities that arise and also recommend them whenever they need help with that.

Qn. What are your minimum recruitment requirements for the students enrolling for your courses?

Ans. It depends on the course a student is interested in, for example, for the plant operator course; all students need is a Uganda National Identity Card, yellow fever card, able to speak Basic English and must have no criminal record.

For students that enroll for courses like cosmetology, media, hotel and hospitality, business studies and tourism among others one needs to provide his/her academic documents, Uganda National ID, yellow fever card, and no criminal record.

Qn. Which qualifications do you award?

Ans. We award a certificate indicating the machines you have trained in.

Qn. How many students have you handled ever since you opened in Uganda?

Ans. So far as a school we only take a maximum of 20 students per month for easy monitoring during practicals of the plant operator course. This is because we have realized that some students miss out mostly especially those that are not active or the slow learners when you take large numbers.

Also breaking them down to smaller groups helps us monitor each student as an individual and rule out there weaknesses and help them reach their desired goals of learning how to operate these machines.

Qn. Briefly tell us some of the challenges you face as a new institution in Uganda?

Ans. Well the biggest challenge we are facing right now is the fact that most Ugandans are not knowledgeable of the importance and value in studying a course like the heavy machinery (plant operator course).

What we can tell you and every Ugandan out there is that this is one of the quickest money earning occupations in the world. Take an example catering one of the courses we offer. Once complete, one doesn’t need to seek for a job but can actually use that knowledge obtained to start up their own businesses.

Qn. What are your further aims?

Ans. Be part of global modernization through learning heavy plant machineries both oil drilling, road construction and building construction machines. Lake Naivasha Institute is now closer to you here in Uganda. Come and train with us and become a plant operator in Grader, Excavator, Backhoe, Shovel, Forklift,Roller, Cranes and many more.

This interview was first published on ‘Express Time’ and has been republished with consent

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