Oyima Clan responds to TND News article

On Saturday, 13, July 2019, Uganda’s contemporary online newspaper, TND News published an article titled: “Lango: Late Obote’s Clan Oyima, predicted to die of political intrigue”.

In that article, some clan members have come out to deny that the once popular clan, disciplined as in the past, won’t die as predicted.

Soon after it was published, Oyima clan released official statement, partly accepting leadership squabbles, but denying its death, whatsoever!

Oyima clan’s statement reads thus:


“Dear Sir, I note with concern a story that appeared in your online paper (TND) this 13th day of July, 2019.

“While it is true that some leadership squabbles have dogged the clan in the recent past, it is not true that the clan is about to die.

“I would like to bring to your knowledge that the clan is vibrant and is functioning well save for a small disturbance resulting from panicky manoeuvres by MP Akora Maxwell to usurp the mandate of clan leaders through uncouth ways.

“This manoeuvres, however, have been checked by the well established leadership structures of the clan, namely: the elders’ council, opinion leaders’ council and the Awitong’s council that sat last Saturday and installed Mzee Engena Maitum as the new Awitong.

“Mzee Maitum, until his enthronement last Saturday, had been the Oyima treasurer and secretary for finances in the Oyima clan.

“Oyima Clan is strongly anchored on the core principles of: integrity, impartiality, honesty, moral unrighteousness and correctness, transparency, accountability and democracy.

“This is why Akora’s moves have been rejected by the clan because his actions have been found to violate these core principles.

“For instance, he appointed his own election committee, organised his own election, declared himself an Awitong and got himself sworn in wrongful!

“All these done outside the well established and recognised elections body of the Oyima Clan. This raised a case of conflict of interest and rendered his motives suspect.

“All those actions fall below the core principles of Oyima Clan. The use of inducements to clan members in the name of “facilitations” have been questioned and interpreted as trying to compromise clan members in order to bias their minds towards favouring him when elections time comes.

“Moreover the Oyima Electoral Commission, the body responsible for conducting elections in the clan, had not declared the election door opened for people interested in clan leadership positions.

“The elders’ actions is therefore aimed at the preservation of Core Oyima Values, Morals and Systems of cultural and traditional leadership.

“The clan is vibrant and it is continuing to function and operate normally despite this small squabble, which sooner than later, will have been resolved.

“Oyima as a clan has got systems and structures to check individuals or members of the clan who maybe diverting from the Oyima cherished values, and bring them back on to the right path.

“And that is just what has happened to MP Akora.

The writer is the Oyima Public Relations Officer and Secretary for publicity Mr. Adoko Dennis.

“TND News is committed to publishing accurate and balanced stories, whilst giving a platform to our audiance to express their views,” reads editorial statement.

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