Fufa Drum: Inside Acholi Province’s shs22m gate money accountability

Acholi province squad to face Lango side next month in Gulu. Photo credit. APT

By Komakech Jimmy

Acholi Province management has released “satisfying” accountability for the money collected during the Fufa drum game played between Acholi and Bunyoro Provinces last Sunday.

Speaking during the accountability launch Dr. Loum Constantine, the chairman Acholi Province said the team has had a fantastic and maximum progress into the quarter finals, but expressed his concern about the weird behaviors of some fans during and after the game.


“That behavior claimed lives of two fans due to over excitements; i called upon the fans to be very careful and take care of their lives during and after the tournaments,” he warned.

Mr. Lambert Lamex the general secretary Acholi Province, said they had issues with the players especially where the players were offered a place in Alokolum Major Seminary in the outskirts of Gulu town in order to allow them concentrate on training but the players “refused to reside at the facility with claims that the place has no network and the sanitation and bedding facilities are not to the standard”.

He cautioned that with time these players will have to sign a contract with the province so that incase the conditions are not convenient, they can quit the team.

Too, Alexandra Okidi who’s the coordinator Acholi Province said they had a poor turn up of people watching the game compared to the game played between Acholi and West Nile Provinces “since so many were watching from atop a nearby story building”.


Acholi Province has released accountability  for the money they collected last Sunday, with figures dropping.


The recent gate collections showed almost 70% drop from last game’s gate collection that rose up to more than 80millions shillings.


Acholi Province Collected Uganda shillings 22,620,000. Out of that, 2,265,000 was handed to FUFA, 4,077,000 was given to Northern Uganda Football Association in Lira.

Gulu district took 4,680,000. Shillings 11, 620, 000 was spent “mostly on security, public address system, chairs, ushers, ticket printing, among others.

Also, 9, 037, 600 was given to National Football Association, leaving Acholi Province with only 3, 280, 600 shillings cash in their ‘wallet’.

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