Lango Province Team: MPs demand accountability, pledges support

Some Members of Parliament from Lango sub region on Monday (1, July, 2019) visited Lango Province team and management at their training camp at Uganda Technical College Lira.

The visit came at a time when disunity and intrigues are reported to be high, with one of the coaches exiting.

Top management has been accused of threatening progress, and not willing to make accountability.

As a result, David Obua resigned as head coach on Monday, citing intrigue and low motivation.

In a move to harmonise the situation, Lango MPs, through Paul Amoru, on Monday released a statement, among many things calling for accountability of monies collected.

A fan bash top management.
MPs Akena Jimmy (Right, Paul Amoru, Middle, Angiru Gutumoi – in red hat and Jonathan Odur, all showing their backs). Internet photos.

Read the statement below

The Lango Parliamentary Group (LPG) on Sunday held meetings with the technical and management team of Fufa – Lango Province in an effort to provide political stewardship and to help safeguard the gains made and to secure lasting redress to some of the challenges and contradictions registered.

The LPG meeting came at the backdrop of the reported impasse within the ranks of Lango Province officials a development which we see as unhealthy and only serve to undermine the cohesion, unity and the identity of the great people of Lango.

It is on this premise that we call for calm and restraint from the officials and the general community of Lango to allow us focus on the Ankole game in order to secure good results.

The said meeting was hosted by Lira Municipality MP Hon Jimmy James Akena Obote chaired by Vice Chairperson Hon Paul Amoru Omiat and was attended by MPs including, Hon Odur Jonathan, Hon Joy Atim Ongom, Hon Angiro Charles Gutmoi and other leaders notably Lira District LCV Chairperson Hon Alex Oremo Alot and Lira Municipal Council Mayor His Worship Mike Ogwang Olwa Veve.

We also touched on issues of welfare of players and the coaching team headed by Mr. David Obua and accountability of resources by the management team.

As a gesture of our commitment and support, LPG today 1 July, 2019 visited the players and technical team at their residential camp at UTC Lira and offered support of one million shillings towards the player’s well fare during trainings in preparation for the match against Ankole Province.

LPG will continue to offer its unswerving and indomitable support to the Lango Province Team. We appealed for discipline, hard work among our players and for them to be focused on the match ahead against Ankole Province as their challenges are being squarely handled.

LPG will convene another stakeholders meeting after the Ankole game to structure our strategic effort to build and protect the future of the Lango team.

We finally appeal to well-wishers including corporate bodies, businessmen etc to contribute funds to support our team.

Paul Amoru Omiat
Mp Dokolo North
Vice Chairperson Lango Parliamentary Group

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