How intrigue forced Lango Province head-coach, David Obua to quit

Fans cheering Lango Province team against Kigezi on Sunday.

The ongoing FUFA Drum tournament has created firm unity, exposure of talents among young boys across the country.

However, amidst cheers by fans and supporters during competition days, sources say there are challenges faced by both players, coaches and technical team.

“All these problems we do levy them on province administration,” a Lango province player told this contemporary online newspaper Monday .

For Lango Province case, what started as a rumor, that its head coach, David Obua – Uganda Crane’s ex footballer was being given “little motivation, undermined”, has now reached the last peak, with him resigning from his roles.

Worth to note also is that when Lango Province team lost to Buganda Province in Lira, a fortnight ago, sources say “top leadership” “mounted high pressure” on Crane’s legendary footballer for the defeats.

While fans, using a number of social media forums backed Obua and his players, Obua never got enough backing from Province top managers, insiders say.


In his touching message released early today via a WhatsApp group, Obua wrote. (Partly edited)

“Apwoyo (thanks) everyone on this group. I am kindly requesting the Lango Board of members to refrain from using my name in any of their Agendas. I am no longer Associated in aspect of Lango football drum team. I did my job with honour, Integrity, love and most of all Dedication. I am thankful to the players, kitsmen, doctors whom I shared a lot of time and energy. To the Board I wish you well but I pray that you never treat anyone the way I was treated. I won’t say much because the truth always comes out. Dan Obote Apwoyo (thanks) for all you did for me. You warned me about them all, but I did all I could for lango my heart and Soul. To the fans Apwoyo (thank), you came in big numbers even on my sessions and I can promise you I gave you my best work. But I have about 600 more sessions I can deliver. Hehehe but thank you. We are the Rhinos and may God bless you all.”

David Obua

Additional information by our partner Radio, QFM94.3 Lira

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