Lira Police “amnesty” to 57 “criminal suspects” worrisome

“Police at North Kyoga are still tight lipped and stranded whether suspects they released ‘freely’ will ever come back,” this online newspaper has been told.

Fears are high among Police top managers in Lira CPS after a “great decision” taken on suspects under custody.

Exclusive report is that the Police at Lira Central Police Station (North Kyoga) are still waiting for their 57 suspects to report to be admitted back to the cells.

The inmates, many of them arrested for committing different criminal offenses, were recently released after a fuel tanker went into flames in front of Lira CPS.

A fuel tanker that went into flames near Lira CPS early this month. File photo.

The decision, according to a top police boss, was to ensure their safeties and lives.

They were asked to report later – willingly or be hunted in case they take the opportunity to escape.

Michael Orech, the Community Liasion Officer attached to the Lira Central Police Station notes that when a fuel tanker went into flames in front of the station, “57 suspects who were being held were released as a safety measure and told to report back later”.

Mr. Orech further reveals that none of the suspects have reported back, causing fears among police and community.

Orech was talking to residents of Ober Kampala, Ojwina division in Lira municipality at the weekend during a security meeting.

Security experts in Lango sub region opined that the decision will greatly affect police, and further jeopardize entire security in the proposed city, Lira.

An expert, who spoke to TND News Wednesday says police authority had lots of options. One, he said “they should have taken them to Lira government prison as situation normalises”.

A fortnight ago, North Kyoga regional police spokesperson, David Ongom Mudong wrote to TND News, regarding fuel tanker incident, and status of inmates then.

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