Environment activist donates 50 tree seedlings to Gulu school

By Jimmy Komakech

Pece primary school in Gulu municipality which last month suffered from destructive wild wind leaving roof of one of the classroom blocks blown away has been allotted 50 tree seedlings by a concern environmental activist.

The tree seedling included afrizella Africana, pine and eucalyptus.

 Akena Walter, an environmental activist as well as a researcher says he has given the tree seedlings to the school as a “struggle against the global phenomenon of environmental destruction and decision for institutional greening”.

“I am specifically targeting schools because children in schools need to learn a lot from what is done and what is told on environment and its positive impact, therefore mindset change is the best mechanism to undertake,” he added.

He further said that, “the current generation from now 30-40 years should be a critical mass of responsible adults who understands the benefit of protecting the environment with dire interest in conservation.”

Charity begins from home so he is not ending the distribution with schools; the vision is to go at least to 20 schools within the municipality and intend to donate over 40 more seedlings of afrizella Africana to Gulu municipal council.

Akena challenged that it is unfortunate that so many activists who come out to fight the phenomenon of environmental destruction fail, “bowing down not stretching beyond acting, and failing to guarantee sustainable management measures”, he says.

“Fighting environmental destruction since has never been smooth since the entire process are a sort of curtailed gig involving top politicians, army officials and other great personalities but the fight shall continue and it should take us to be responsible to plant as many trees as possible,” he noted

Akullu Santa Oketta, the head teacher of the school appreciated the development initiative by the activist in offering them the seedlings and therefore commit to plant the trees since they have a portion of land earmarked for tree planting.

Ms Oketta says she hopes to see the trees grow to help in the future as wind break and shade for entire school community.

Last year, Greening Spectrum Uganda did similar activism in Lira municipality schools, where more than 200 tree seedlings were planted.

Adeline Kusasheera, Spectrum’s founder says the initiative, aimed at ensuring pupils have love for environment, be champions in tree planting from homes.

She says the issue of climate change must be seen as real, and critical issue by everyone.

According to her, Greening Spectrum shall reach out to more primary schools in Lira municipality and district.

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