UCI, University of Cambridge to introduce course on cancer management

By Jimmy Komakech

The Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) is set to partner with the University of Cambridge with an aim of training the right human resource in the field of cancer treatment and management.

This is expected to be enrolled especially in the Sub Saharan region. 

This revelation has been made by the Executive Director, Dr. Jackson Orem while addressing the media at the Institute premises. 

He says that the Institute faces a lot of challenges in treatment of patients which includes early detection, and the right human resource in the fight against this disease. 

The University of Cambridge as well as other partners is thus coming on board to enable the Institute mitigate the calamity. 

He adds that this will also see an exchange program of students from Uganda to go to United Kingdom and vice-versa.

The Institute is expecting a visit by the CEO of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Dr. Sue Desmond Hellmann.

According to the Executive Director, her visit will be of significant impact to UCI and Uganda at large.

“Cancers are still a burden in Uganda and a lot has to be done to fight this scourge out of the country and one of them is through sensitization of the masses about the cancers, early detection, getting the right treatment and eating right among others,” he says.

“Human Resource at the Institute is being boosted through training with various partners. The Institute is currently training 198 doctors in cancer care. This will help to mitigate the current shortage,” he added.

Currently, the patient – doctor ratio is one doctor to a million population.

The Institute will hold a children Cancer Survivor’s camp on 24th August 2019.

This is meant to create awareness about childhood cancers and their cure.

According to a recent health report by WHO, annually, 2275 women die from cancer.

In Africa, it claims the lives of 78,000 women yearly, with more deaths expected to double in 2030.

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