Fuel tanker disaster affected suspects – Police says

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On 11/June/2019 at around 1400hrs Vide CRB TAR 35/2019 of CPS lira, a fuel Tank Reg. No UAS 004Q/UXG 830 driven by one Ebong Richard, Lango by tribe got an accident and over turned at the main street round about next to Lira CPS Quarter guard on his way to deliver fuel at oil energy petrol station along Ngetta road.

Some fuel spilled out off the Tank, the police fire brigade responded quickly and cordoned off the scene and neutralised the spilled fuel with water.

This evening of 12/June/2019 at about 0300hrs, as they were trying to remove the fuel tank from the scene, it was unfortunate that there was still some 2000litres of fuel balance left in the tank that again spilled off and started flowing along the trenches at the road side and the police fire team still continued to pour water to neutralise it, the police gave out a caution to the crowed to evacuate the scene, but some people failed to comply especially the boda boda riders who insisted on scooping spilled fuel using mineral water containers, under unclear circumstance, fire erupted at Corner works junction that quickly ran through the trenches upto the point where the fuel tank fell.

The police fire crew together with other partners did their best to minimise the fire from escalating to the surrounding premises, the motor cycles and bicycles of boda boda riders who failed to heed to the police precautions got burnt beyond repair and the Police SOCO is yet to come up with the exact number of the damaged items.

Given the fact that the incident happened very near to the police station, the suspects under police custody were as well badly affected in Cells by the smoke.

However, the CPS management are yet to harmonise with their lock up to give the accoutability of the suspects who were in custody at the time of the incident.

We therefore urge the general public to remain calm as inquiries contonue. (ASP ONGOM DAVID MUDONG, PRO NORTH KYOGA).

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