Statement on recent Police attacks on ‘People Power mobilizers’

By Isaah Otto Amiza

A few days ago, these two citizens (Bosmic Otim), a renowned musician and activist and Okot B’tek, a Gulu based lawyer were brutally and cowardly attacked by the Police and security forces commanded by the RDCs of Gulu and Amolatar districts respectively.

Excessive force using guns were meted at them allegedly for organizing meetings or rallies associated to the People’s Power Movement.

In the circumstance, Okot was shot at by armed body guard of Lillian Eyal, the RDC of Amolatar. Otim was tortured mercilessly by these gangs.

The duo are languishing in pains in hospitals in Kumi and Gulu after suffering from bullet wounds and physical torture.

First, we wish to condemn in the strongest terms the arrogance, brutality and primitivity of the security forces and the offices of the RDCs of Amolatar and Gulu respectively.

Secondly, we express our full support and solidarity with the two victims in their quest to associate with other citizens under the People’s Power Movement.

Thirdly, we wish to formally announce our plan to invite Hon. Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) and all other pro- democracy seeking forces to join us in Lira town for a public debate on the state of politics in Uganda, taking into account the plight of the youths.

The date and venue to be disclosed in due course.

Fourthly, we demand for an investigations and reprimand of the criminal gangs who masterminded the brutality before we embark on a street demonstration to protests the brutality of citizens opposed to the regime’s excesses.

We further wish to warn the security forces and agents of the NRM state in Lango and Acholi to STOP interfearing with the rights and freedoms of citizens exercising their fundamental rights and freedoms enshrined in Chap. Four and Article 1 of the 1995 Constitution of Uganda.

The citizens have a right and duty to associate with any individual or party in the promotion of democracy, constitutionalism and good governance.

Therefore associating with; Kyagulanyi, Museveni, Muntu, Mao, etc and any other citizen or leader in Uganda is a right and a duty.

Mr. Museveni and his NRA-Movement cannot claim monopoly over fundamental rights and freedoms of other citizens of Uganda.

We urge the core victims of misrule, the youths and all citizens of Uganda to join hands together in fighting to end the 35 years of autocracy by 2021 without fear or favour.

We conclude that, “Wisdom takes you Up and Foolishness brings you Down.” Let’s be wise and move Uganda forward.

For God and My Country.
Isaah Amiza Otto
For and on behalf of The People’s Congress.

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