UPC writes to DP, IPOD to expel Akena’s group

Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party is yet again embroiled in a fresh political battle.

This follows a recent step by faction under Joseph Bossa writing a strong letter to have Akena James who’s the UPC party President and his team axed from the popular summit.

Bossa, through his vice, Peter Mukidi Walubiri wants UPC leadership currently occupying 6th floor, Uganda House in Kampala expelled from being a member, participating and benefitting from the Inter Party Organization for Dialogue (IPOD Summit), and that their presence is illegal.

In a letter dated 27th May, 2019 and signed by Mr. Walubiri, addressed to DP party General Norbert Mao, the current chair of IPOD Summit, and copied to James Akena, FDC, NRM, JEEMA, and ANT political parties, IPOD Secretariat, IPOD’s Executive Secretary and funder, the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD), they claim Akena was never elected President of UPC party.

“His illegal attempt to take over leadership of the party was declared null and void and of no legal consequence by Justice Yasin Nyanzi in High Court Miscellaneous Cause No. 86 of 2015: (Joseph Bossa & 2 Others Vs. UPC & Another. This High Court judgment has never been reversed and still stands,” the press statement was read out by Secretary for Mobilisation, Issah Otto Amiza, former Oyam South MP.

Mr. Otto, who was flanked by Mr. Odokonyero Richard, the Amuru district UPC party chairman during a press briefing at Speke Hotel in Kampala, late last month, says at an appropriate time in the near future after all legal changes to hold “our delegates conference are sorted out”, ” new leadership will b elected to continue with these ongoing programmes”.

Isaah Amiza Otto, former Oyam South MP delivered the press statement last month. File Photo.

Bossa group, also accused President Museveni through his NRM party of using James Akena to “demobilise the UPC”, adding that leaders of the party “have put in place several plans to mobilise the membership of the party and to recruit new members especially the youth in preparation for tackling the political challenges facing Uganda”.

However, when asked if UPC under Bossa is ready to front a presidential candidate come 2021 general polls, Mr. Otto couldn’t deny or showed their readiness.

Meanwhile, UPC led by Lira Municipality MP, James Akena has also not come clearer to announce whether its candidate will battle President Museveni and others for State House duties in coming elections.

TND News has had several attempts to seek comments from IPOD Secretariat, NIMD and political parties on the demand to axe “true UPC” but all attempts are yet to be successful.

Should IPOD decides to dance to expulsion demand of UPC under James Akena, The Obote’s son and his group won’t be entitled to improved political parties’ funding of Uganda shillings 35 billions from 10 billions.

Speaking to TND News on phone Thursday morning, Michael Orach Osinde, the party spokesperson under Akena leadership says the letter is “redundant, baseless and has no implications”.

Mr. Orach added that one must ask himself “when Akena and Bossa stood for party presidency who got huge votes”, in addition, he says the letter was written after Bossa and his group were expelled from the party for disobedience and supporting non UPC candidates in 2016 polls.

“Article 3.6 stipulates that if you go ahead campaigning and financing other candidate apart from that of UPC, you’re diminished,” he added.

According to UPC spokesperson, the author of the letter were those expelled from the party after they were given three years to defend themselves.

He also says Bossa and his team carried TDA flag under former premier, John Patrick Amama Mbabazi in last election and was “against UPC arrangement”.

UPC President James Akena (2nd from L), DP Norbert Mao (in red necktie) waiting for President Museveni at recent Summit at Protea Hotel, Entebbe. Courtesy Photo.

As one of the key achievements, IPOD Summit resolved to increase funding to political parties, part of which will go to the IPOD Secretariat.

Basing on numbers of their MPs in Parliament, NRM partyparty is taking bigger share, followed by FDC, DP, UPC, and JEEMA.

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