UPC hopeful next IPOD Summit shall “address” 4 key issues

Lira Municipality will not host next IPOD Summit due to “protocol challenges”. The northern Uganda district/municipality was chosen to host the Summit which was scheduled for 15, May, 2019.

However, it will not take place as was expected as President Museveni, who’s visiting Lango sub-region, starting tomorrow would find difficulties attending it – opposition political party says.

Addressing media on Wednesday at UPC party headquarters in Kampala, Michael Osinde Orach, party’s spokesperson, says they want “full attendance” of President Museveni at the Summit.

IPOD Summit, first of its kind was launched last year 2018, taking place on the 12 December at Speke Resort Hotel, Munyonyo.

“That meeting though delicate in nature was handled under the auspices of the Uganda Peoples Congress leadership. The party leadership employed skill, tactics and wisdom to withstand all emotions in the spirit of the cherished virtue of ” putting Uganda first above all”. This shared resolve and Will enabled UPC to conduct a fruitful, peaceful, productive and harmonious engagement of state business among Principles of the political parties that attended the IPOD Summit of leaders; DP, JEEMA, NRM and UPC,” UPC press statement partly reads.

It adds: “The forthcoming Summit meeting of 20th May, 2019 is principally to receive the IPOD Council report on four themes, which include:

  1. Improvement of Public Order Management Act (POMA)
  2. Proposals on a more inclusive electoral system and electoral reforms.
  3. The regulatory mechanisms of Independent Political actors such as members of Parliament, and,
  4. Last but not least, reforms on current funding for political parties

According to Uganda’s oldest opposition political party, UPC, they expect the next Summit shall pronounce itself on the above, and possibly refer new or emerging business to Council as a norm of set standard of business.

UPC also acknowledged Democratic Party under President General Norbert Mao who is the current IPOD chair as having “capable, experienced leaders with no ” intentions to let the babay dies in their hands”.

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