RDCs tipped how to handle corrupt district officials

If Uganda is to grow faster like other Africa countries, corruption and other related vices ought to be dealt with aggressively and decisively.

For over three decades, or more, billions, if not trillions of monies, meant for government projects to benefit all citizens are embezzled, and culprits, somewhat, protected by “the above persons”.

Funds meant for youth livelihood projects in some districts got lost, creation and funding of ghost youth groups, health centre drugs stolen by staff, refugees monies eaten, to mention but, a few.

And while government – through police and other State agencies made thousands of arrests, prosecuting such suspects have never been easy.

Lots of evidences end up going out of sights, and cases dying naturally, or just like that. At the end, real victims who have stolen government drugs, embezzled funds are set free.

And whereas Resident District Commisoners [RDCs] are tasked with responsibility of monitoring all government projects in their respective districts, some of them are finding it hard to execute their duties.

On Wednesday, this was revealed by RDCs invited from Greater Kampala Metropolitan Areas [districts] during NRM Manifesto Implementation Workshop held in Kampala.

The RDCs – leaked to Presidency Minister, Esther Mbayo who closed the one day workshop that there’s total connivance among district leaders and technocrats, something they say is enabling corruption.

They cited youth livelihood funds where they vehemently claim that Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development officials and district technocrats form and fund ghost youth groups, with no traceable records.

The RDCs further cried out louder that even many ministry officials shun their offices whenever they travel to the district headquarters – an allegation by President’s representatives that it’s making their duties “too hectic”.

In her directive, Minister Mbayo ordered all RDCs to always put in black and white their requests for information or data and Copy In to headquarters – Kampala.

This, according to her, will force release of information to RDCs and help in fighting corrupt leaders.

“If you’re not corrupt, why hide information for RDCs?” She asked, adding: “Hiding information for RDCs means you’re hiding information for the President.”

She also says Uganda has got many laws and policies that are not put into effective use.

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