Parenting for parents, not schools – says Bishop Gakumba

Bishop Johnson Gakumba.

By Ojara Daniel

A renowned Bishop in northern Uganda, Johnson Gakumba has condemned parents who give up on educating their children, thinking it’s school to do it all.

Delivering his sermon to Christians on Palm Sunday at St. Martin Church of Uganda, Lakwana parish in Omoro district – bishop says parents are first teachers.


He also advised parents to set principles that guide them in choosing the right schools, and the courses for their children.

“…. and the most important is what kind of knowledge is your child picking from school,” he said.

According to Bishop, it does not matter where (school) they are picking the knowledge from because “parenting is not about children’s ages”.

Bishop said choosing skills, knowledge and attitude is what parents should emphasize often.

“You just can’t let a child grow and be driven by social media,” he added.

“You can’t let your child grow by peer pressure. The most important thing is; what knowledge and skill is your child acquiring? What exposure are you giving them? What program do you have for them?,” he asked the congregation.

Therefore, before you even look for a school, he says parents must first look at what they are teaching their children because the “school is not the only place where child must learn”.

The Man of God added parents must learn what kind of activities children do; what they want because they are the “designers for their children’s future”. 

“What programs have you parents enrolled your children into? If that question is answered, then look for a school that boosts the design you have made for that child you want to see with success,” he concluded.

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