Bobi Wine targets 1m protesters in Kampala

Bobi Wine [M] during "this tax must go" protest in Kampala mid this year. File photo.

People Power Chief, also the Kyandondo East Member of Parliament – Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has secretly started mobilising millions of Ugandans to protest against government.

Popularly known as Bobi Wine, the musician turned politician was denied performing for his fans at One Love Beach Busalaaba on Easter Monday.

He was arrested “badly”, he says, by police and army who had been deployed within his premises to not only maintain law and order, but to stop any huge gatherings.

Police spokesperson for Kampala Metropolitan, Patrick Onyango told press on Monday that Wine’s show at his private premises was not cleared.

However, Wine told media at his Magere home in Wakiso district on Monday upon his arrest and transportation home that request was made one month prior.

Now, Bobi Wine says he won’t give up – calling on Ugandans to rise up and protest all forms of injustices targeting them.

“I can be okay without work for a year, but I can’t see this violation continuing. Ugandans, wake up and we speak with one voice,” the musician said.

The musician had planned to have more than 100 shows in major towns in the country within six months.

Police spokesperson for Kampala, Patrick Onyango says none of the planned musical shows will take place.

TND News has reliably learnt that the one million protest, starting from Kampala is expected to erupt anytime, and key among the protestors are human right activists.

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