Kole ‘tycoon’ lynched, set ablaze for stealing cow

A businessman suspected to be a notorious thief was lynched last week by mob when he was found in possession of a stolen cow.

This took place in Omuge village, Bala sub-county in Kole district.

The mob found Okello Peter near Omuge primary school transporting a stolen cow; probably he was heading towards Amac market, Erute South, in Amac sub-county in Lira district.

When asked to produce documents, he started to flee but the mob followed him, caught him and beat him to death and thus, set him ablaze.

Mr Okello belonged to Omoloatar Odyakol clan, married three wives with many children.

He was a proprietor of a storied building under construction near Bala police post, some area locals told TND News.

“He has been using stolen items and getting richer at the expense of the public,” one local says.

Since last year, more than two suspected thieves have been lynched in Lango sub-region in a similar manner.

TND News’ Williams Moi reports that by press time, one of the deceased thighs had not burnt properly and was visibly seen.

Neither police nor closed family members could comment by press time.

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