Africa: People’s uprisings anchored on endemic issues – UPC 

UPC national chairman - Lawrence Okae. File photo

The past and mainly the current people’s revolution in Africa by concerned citizens has been based on critical but unaddressed issues – Uganda People’s Congress [UPC] party has said.

Uganda’s oldest political party – UPC, through its national leader – Mr. Okae Lawrence says – in the case of Uganda, government ought to reconsider the ‘Youth Question’ and its triggers, and how best it can be handled.

Addressing media at its weekly press briefing at party headquarters – 6th floor, Uganda House, in Kampala, Okae who’s the party national chairperson says “every after fifty years revolution is taking place in Africa”.

“As we speak today, Africa is experiencing another wave of people’s uprising! This is coming 50 years after our Uhuru/Independence and it is seen as the “2nd Liberation”, he says. He adds: “This started in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Algeria, among others and now Sudan.”

According to UPC’s Okae, it’s on record that Sudan is having a second wave of uprisings; the first one he was took place in 1985 when people poured on the streets of Khartoum, demanding the exit of the then strongman General Jaffer Niemry due to escalating food prices that were beyond the reach of ordinary people there.

The current one, he noted reveals that both old and new concerns of the people in Sudan were inconclusively dealt with and this “partly explains another round of reoccurrence”.

“The common denominator in all these recent uprisings is the transition politics, youth question and youth power. This has refueled the uprisings very high since the political; leaderships have failed to establish economies that function and work for all groups of people: the youths, workers, elderly, pensioners and the farmers,” he further notes.

Uganda opposition party – UPC says the standard of living in Africa is going down as the cost of living rises every day, with biting inflation, adding, “Nobody seems ready to address these issues that are becoming more intricate, complex and coupled with massive unemployment and weak Labor Unions”.

“Uganda People’s Congress is calling upon the government [of Uganda] and all stakeholders to broaden the spirit of dialogue formulate pro-people policies, study afresh youth question.”

Brief about the post-independence people’s uprisings in Africa

Africa is a continent that has had a fair share of people’s uprising since colonial times, and it should be noted that there were mighty primary revolutions with the immediate imposition of colonial rule in most of the African countries.

Some of these countries are; Tanzania – where Maji-Maji rebellion took centre stage, Nama-Herero in Namibia, Bambata rebellion in South Africa, the Chimurenga war in Zimbabwe, King Menlik of Ethiopia and the famous battle of Adwa, Mahdi rebellion in Sudan, Nyabibinji rebellion in DRC, Uganda – Rwanda borders , Samori Toure and Mandika war against French imperialism, among others.

“Most of these uprisings, but only some, according to UPC national chairman was crushed by the superior fire power, the spirit of the people was never killed as their key issues like land ownership, unfair taxation, and lack of political freedom were never resolved.

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