Acholi leaders worry over ghost investors in the sub-region

Acholi elders in a recent land meeting. Photo by Rackara Emmanuel.

By Rackara Emmanuel

A section of leaders in Acholi sub-region are afraid of the numerous land grabbers who call themselves investors in the province. This follows one group of investor – Vision International acknowledged in Arana Lugulu sub-county, Nwoya district.

According to Okello Patrick Oryema, the Nwoya district LC5 chairperson, he blamed his counter parts for failure to coordinate on issues related to land, and this comes as one of the major plight for the prevalence of land grabbers or the so called ghost investors in the region.

 Nwoya district on record has never given any land to an investor and the existence of the now available investor is as a result of some ‘locals’ in the district.

“When an individual brings an investor, it doesn’t necessarily mean Nwoya as a district,” he noted.

He further called upon fellow leaders in the sub-region to engage the lower leaders for the purpose of fighting these intruders.

Oryema revealed the need to set a platform for vetting investors.

Zeru Babel Abuga, the Nwoya chairman district land board said: “As a district, we don’t block any foreign investor who comes alone from owning land in the district but we advise them to follow the right procedure”.

No land has been sold by the district to anybody not even the Indians, he however challenged claims made by some individual that organizations like Ker Bwobo Trustee Development Fund, Watoto and Gulu University have lands in the district.

Adong Lilly, the Woman Member of Parliament said the overall problem comes as a result of the 20 year of insurgency and exit of most prominent non-governmental organizations in the sub-region which has left a number of locals still in acute poverty.

She however called upon Ker Kal Kwaro Acholi to take up ownerships of the land to restrain from insult and reckless sales of land.

Rwot David Onen Achana, the Paramount Chief of Acholi emphasized on the need to strengthen policies governing customary land in the sub-region for safety and protection from vague investors.

He however condemned eye pointing from leaders and mass sales of land by the locals to foreigners and stressed on land restoration in the entire sub-region

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