Plascon launched anti-malaria paint in Aswa region

DUE to high malaria prevalence in the entire Aswa region – according to health officer – Plascon has come to the rescue.

Malaria prevalence in Aswa region, comprising of Gulu, Pader, Kitgum, Nwoya, Amuru, Omoro districts is still alarming.

Health officer, however, told a recent gathering in Gulu district that “in Awac sub-county, t is still at 70 percent”.

Patrick Kalong, assitant health educator for ‘Aswa sub district’ revealed this Wednesday morning during the launch of anti-mosquito paint from Mother Ludia Nursary school, Awach sub-county in Gulu district.

“The outreaches that we have conducted currently in Awach sub-county Gulu district, 100 people where tested and 70 tested positive with malaria which represent about 70 percent,” he said at the launch.

He added that this prevalence have gone high due to the change of current weather.

Mr. Kalong appreciated Plascon Uganda for the launch of anti Malaria paint which kill mosquitoes and can last up to 2 years on the wall.

He also appealed to residents to always sleep under a mosquito net to drastically reduce the alarming percentage of Malaria in the area.

Meanwhile, Tyron Immelmann the marketing manager Kansai Plascon for East Africa assured people and urged them to use it for effective results.

Plascon’s Immelmann Tyron (in black T-shirt) after the launch Wednesday.

“It has been designed  to kill mosquito right away but not a repellent,” Tyron says.

“This paint has a substance which affects the nervous system of mosquito hence killing it,” he added.

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Mr. Tyron, speaking at the launch, added that this anti mosquito paint has been developed purposely to reduce the high rate of deaths among children which are mainly caused by malaria.

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