Man arrested with gun inside bus park was ‘hunting wild animals’

By Aciro Rita Hope

Police and some members from Gulu main bus park have arrested a man with deadly gun and suspicious objects.

Ayella Patrick, 42, is a resident of Latekodongo village, Anokrach parish in Nwoya district.

Ayella was found in possession of an SMG riffle with a full magazine of 30 ammunition and 5 extra.

He had a gun in a dark blue bag plus other items like jacket, a coat, torch a mask and a pair of sandals.

Ayella was arrested on the 27, March 2019 from Gulu bus park.

He says: “I came from Amuru to hunt for wild animals at the same time to visit my colleagues.”

Police have since concealed names of Ayella’s colleagues he was scheduled to visit for investigation purposes.

TND News (print) is expected to come out soon. Management.

The ‘wild animal hunter’ was handed over to the 4th division army headquarters for further investigations.

Okema Jimmy Patrick, the Aswa regional spokesperson confirmed the arrest and handover of a man suspected to be a bad hunter.

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