Boy, 8, dies after taking too much alcohol

By Daniel Ojara

Residents of Opaja village, Lanenober parish, Lakwana sub-county in Omoro district are mourning the death of their beloved “son” who died after taking too much alcohol.

According to the report, the boy child took alcohol at their home during the same time his mother,  identified as Apio Nighty was distilling more local waragi  at home, under a tree.

Witnesses say, the 8 year old, after taking too much waragi, went to his uncle’s home from where he started feeling uncomfortable, vomiting profusely and collapsed.

His uncle, Jacob Labeja, a resident of Hima village, Te-got parish took “his son” to a nearby clinic in Lakwana sub-county from where he died, few minutes after reaching.

According to his uncle Jacob Labeja, he says the mother of the deceased was also drunk at the time she was distilling more waragi, locally known as “mogo amoga”.

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The Te-got parish leader, Wokorach Geoffry has condemned the way parents are allowing their children to start enjoying alcohol too early.

He added that such parents much face the law.

The boy was laid to rest at their ancestral home in Opaja village.

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