New Katakwi sub-counties too broke, LC3 bosses crying

The newly created sub-counties in the north eastern district of Katakwi are struggling to operate due to lack of funding, this contemporary online newspaper has learnt.

They include Getomi, Amusia, Akoboi, Guyaguya and Okore sub-counties, among others.

The subcounties became operational at the start of this financial year, while the LC III chairpersons took oath of office in August 2018.

However, Geoffrey Omol, the LC III chairperson, Getomi sub-county, told TND News that they haven’t received any funding since the new administrative units became operational.

Omolo added that he and other LC III chairpersons of other newly created sub-counties have gone seven months without pay.

Charles Ongoletum, the LCIII chairperson Guyaguya said attempts to get explanation from the Chief Administrative Officer on why they are not receiving funding haven’t yielded any results,

He explained that they are resorting to petition the ministry of finance, electoral commission, and ministry of local government for sideling them.

In response to the concerns raised by the LC3 chairpersons, Seraphine Alia the Chief Administrative Officer Katakwi, revealed that all newly created sub-counties are currently receiving funding through their mother district until the 2019/20 financial year.

He elaborated that the LCIII chairpersons took oath in August when the 2018/2019 financial year budget had been approved.

Alia further noted that they submitted a supplementary budget to the Finance Ministry, which acknowledged it, saying ‘the LC III chairperson will get their salaries in arrears’.

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