DEVELOPING STORY: How fraudulent processes has seen Maruzi Ranch given away

Issues affecting land in Uganda has been key topics for discussion, especially when it’s to be given for investment purposes.

And to many, especially those in northern Uganda, it’s the only asset they have and they will do all that is possible to defend it.

And whereas for a country to develop, its investments must be conducted on land – this includes establishment of factories and industrial parks, hospital, among others; locals living on it are often displaced violently, with others even being killed.

Again, and for decades, areas where lands has been alloacted for investment has seen force during evictions, fraudulent processes during compensation and yet those executing the exercise are left without much questions or being tried in Courts.

This is exactly the event happening  to those living on Maruzi Ranch, Maruzi County, Apac district which has been given to an investor from Kenya.

Investigations show top Ugandan politicians cited, in what has been termed fraudulent processes they followed.

Comprehensive details on this on Thursday edition.

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