Bishop Ochan: Increasing numbers of bars in Gulu dangerous

The rampant and increasing growth of drinking bars in Gulu municipality is worrying Pentecostal pastors.

They say it’s posing great threats to the believers of Gulu Municipality.

Bishop Ochan James, head of the Pentecostal Churches (Diocese) incharge northern Uganda has said.

Addressing the press from Northern Uganda Media Club on Monday, he said that the “high and first growing numbers of bars across this northern Uganda, especially Gulu is posing threat to the believers”.

“This high numbers in drinking joints is leading to the high number of crimes and suicidal cases within the region and laziness among community especially the youth who have descended to drinking alcohol and prositution,” he added.

More than 50 well-known hangouts serving beers, and other alcoholic drinks operates in Gulu town, and many in the outskirt.

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