Museveni is inconsistent, has performed less than 30% since 1986 – Rtd. Bishop Zac

Rtd. Bishop Zac has been active with activism since retirement. Courtesy photo.

The retired assistant Bishop of the Church of Uganda, Bishop David Zac Niringiye has criticized National Resistance Movement [NRM] government under the leadership of President Yoweri Museveni.

Zac says the President; also the NRM party national chairman has eternally been lying to Ugandans about his retirement from office.

Citing the recent decision by the Central Executive Committee [CEC], the highest decision making organ of NRM party when it met at Chobe Safari Lodge, Nwoya district to endorse Museveni’s 2021 presidency – he says the decision is ‘no news’ but a tragedy to the country.

“It’s not news anymore. I expected it. It’s not my business to talk about it but options are many,” retired Bishop said while being hosted alongside Solomon Silwany – NRM’s Caucus vice chairperson, on NTV Uganda’s Morning @NTV program, on Thursday.

In his interjection, Mr. Silwany told retired Man of God to then keep quit and let opposition produce a formidable candidate to face Museveni in 2021 general polls.

“I want to thank Bishop for saying it’s not his business, let opposition bring a formidable candidate to front Museveni – we are going for elections,” Silwany replied.

“Somebody perpetually lied to the public that he was going to finish – to, finish. From 2006, 2011,” he recalled, adding that sectors like in education, health, among others, president Museveni has struggled to perform since, making him score less than 30 percent.

This was quashed by ruling party caucus vice chair – Silwany who acknowledged that indeed there are some sectors that the ruling party has not performed well in.

Asked by Zac to say at what parentage he thinks Museveni has reached, Silwany said: “I give him 70 percent”, citing good security of the country since Museveni took over power.

To Mr. Zac, this was a false. “Last time there was strikes at Makerere University and the whole army was deployed there, Democratize Party meeting was stopped in Jinja,” he replied.

“We need resistance from even the Churches. There needs to be pocket of resistance everywhere, we want to see pocket of defiance from the youth, media and Nyombi Thembo has just said he’s going to block internet,” he added.

Asked by a TV hostess what he thinks about government’s intolerance on opposition players, Silwany replied: “As a person, I totally disagree with police. Sometimes the opposition goes out with aim of destroying property.”

But to Zac, he said he expects “more of the same, increased moral of violence”. “This is not Uganda police, this is Museveni police. Museveni said during his inauguration speech in May 2016 that he’s going to crash opposition and he’s now crashing. This is a regime typified by thugs, thuggery and thefts.”

According to him, presidential election doesn’t work in Uganda, further claiming that the results for 2021 polls are now ready.

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