UPC politics: Akena asked us to support, vote M7 in 2016 – Ishaa Otto

Isaah Otto Amiza - former Oyam South MP. File photo

The entire month of February – through March, 2019, if not seen critically will be dominated by Uganda People’s Congress [UPC] indoor and outdoor “bad politics”.

To most people, they thought reconciliation, truce and love had been made, or if not yet, it was in the pipeline – coming!

This is after two groups, one loyal to Jimmy Akena, in whom many congresswomen and men believe is their legitimate party President whilst those loyal to Joseph Bossa, another party president in whom, John Olara Otunu handed over office to, nearly four years ago.

The new war of words started officially when Ebil Ebil Fred, the Congress’ Secretary General, in his letter dated 29, January, 2019 is summoning Ishaa Otto and three others to a disciplinary hearing scheduled for 15, March, 2019 at Uganda House, starting at 10:00am.

Otto and his colleagues, critics of Akena led UPC and occupation of Uganda House, 6th floor, are alleged to have breached Article 5.2(10) of UPC Constitution 2008 as amended.

Addressing press at Uganda House, Wednesday morning – Jimmy Akena says those summoned are masqueraders, who have been holding out as party national leaders, without authorization of his leadership.

Akena added that “the party has offered them enough time” to stop their “dubious activities”.

Akena – also the Lira Municipality MP, denies being in any alliance with NRM party, he however, revealed that it’s good to “be close to your former foes”.

On Thursday morning, Mr. Otto took to the social media and wrote this, verbatism: “Good morning . News have been making round that they have summoned UPC top leadership; Joseph Bossa, Peter Walubiri Jacinto Ogwal and Ishaa Otto Amiza. In response to this gullible jokes by Akena and Ebil, I wish to state as follows; 1. Akena and his NRA state sponsored group have no legal and political authority to preside or conduct any activity for and on behalf of UPC party. 2. The Akena-NRA/M political pressure group want to divert the attention of the World on the pressure and demand from UPC members over his illegal occupation of UPC offices since May, 2015 without anything to show. 3. The pressure group is attempting to account and justify to President Museveni and NRA/M what they are doing to frustrate UPC activities from genuine leaders of the party. 4. The Akena political pressure group is now justifying a new strategy to cone more tax payers money from Mr. Museveni as we tend towards 2021 general elections. 5. Finally the leadership of the pressure group is diverting the attention of UPC members from putting pressure on him to explain his old folly when he asked UPC members in 2016 to support M7’s NRA/M regime in the elections because M7 would handover power to him in 2021. Therefore, I dismiss with the contempt it deserves the purported summon by Akena’s political pressure group and wish to inform the general public to ignore the redundancy and blackmail by these NRA sponsored goons. Hon. Ishaa Otto Amiza, National Secretary for Mobilization of UPC.”

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