Miss Curvy: Fr. Lokodo to Min. Kiwanda – you’re irresponsible

Ethics and Integrity Minister, Fr. Simon Lokodo has described his colleague, the Tourism State Minister, Godfrey Kiwanda as “irresponsible person and abusing his office”.

This comes less than a week after Minister Kiwanda launched local tourism package, “Miss Curvy 2019 Contest” in Kampala, Tuesday.

Speaking to this contemporary online newspaper, Ethics and Integrity Minister, Lokodo says the contest demeans the person of a woman.

“This is irresponsible behavior and abuse of office,” Fr. Simon Lokodo says.

He adds: “That’s true, and as I told you this is unacceptable and shouldn’t be allowed because it reduces women to objects of entertainment, therefore, demeaning the person of a woman.”

On Wednesday, a group of female lawmakers led by Kasese district Woman MP, Winnie Kizza, expressed displeasure following the launch, urging Tourism Minister, Kiwanda to apologize to women.

On top of him making public apology, the female lawmakers want the event stopped forwith, and Kiwanda to resign.

However, Annie Mungoma – CEO Miss Curvy Uganda, in an exclusive interview with TND News Thursday morning, says many Ugandans have not understood the concepts behind the contest.

Annie – says it’s quite absurd people can perceive this as promoting prositution, adding it “has nothing to do with bad intentions”.

“The event is to appreciate Ugandan women. Tourism as Minister said starts with the people, some come to look at water, animals,” she said, adding, “it’s not about attracting foreign tourists.”

“What Father Lokodo is saying it’s promoting prositution, what’s prositution? If they (curvy ladies at the launch) had put on swimming costume around swimming pool, we would say that’s promoting prositution,” she tells TND News.

According to Annie, Ugandan women are not straight-lined – “they are curvy”.

“Ugandans have ever appreciated Rwandan women as curvy and why can’t we also appreciate ours. To me, these negatives doesn’t add water.”

“If anybody wants to face me, I’m ready with concepts at my fingertips and ready to explain to them what it’s all about,” CEO Miss Curvy added.

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