Consecration of 1st Acholi Pentecostal Bishop in February

By Acayo Rita Hope

For nearly two decades, Pentecostal churches in Acholi sub-region will now have its fully installed Bishop to lead born-again persons.

Therefore, in a consecration and ordainment event scheduled for 3rd February this year in Gulu, nearly 4000 people are expected to witness the installation of Bishop appointed James Ocan Geoffrey.

Mr. James Ocan Geoffrey who will be consecrated in to a bishop has been the overseer for Acholi diocese for more than 15 years.

Due to his hard work to the born again Pentecostal churches under their umbrella body “the national fellowship of born again churches”, he was promoted to assistant overseer for northern Uganda and this makes him the first bishop to be ordained under the born again faith in Acholi sub-region, his superior who requested not to be named say.

His installation will take place at Pece War Memorial Stadium in Gulu town starting from 8am – 7:30pm, organizers say.

It will be accompanied by the ordaining and commissioning of over 100 ministers of the gospels who will be ordained as Reverends.

The commissioner of the national Pentecostal fellowship of born again churches, Mr. Komakech David says, “over 100 people from the entire sub-region of Acholi to be ordained and commissioned, and those who shall not be ordained will have the privilege next time upon meeting the requirements.”

“Ordination is scriptural that servant of God be ordained to effectively perform their pastoral duty and it’s a legal requirement that a servant of God be ordained,” he added.

“…..and a person to be ordained must have undergone holy matrimony and approved by the elders with good testimonies.”

Mr Komakech further says  the national fellowship for born again churches has been able to unite born again churches that were not united before, and “it brings together about 43,000 churches in the country with a well laid structure from national to regional levels and each with their overseer executives and ministers under it,” he reveals.

However, the umbrella is currently divided into two provinces; the east and west provinces. The east province includes Kitgum, Pader, Agago and Lamwo districts, meanwhile the west province comprise of Gulu, Amuru Nwoya and Omoro districts with 14 regions in the country each with their overseer executives and ministers.

The umbrella was formed in 1990 with the aim of uniting all the born again churches in the country.

National Federation of Born-again Pentecostal Churches [NFBPC] is a national umbrella network of more than 22,000 Pentecostal churches and Para-church organizations.

Pastor Simeon Kayiwa was the NFBPC first overseer in 1990 who was later replaced by Apostle Mitala in 2003.

Following their recent elevation from being grouped under non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government now fully-recognize them as faith organization.

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