Over 400 Lungulu locals issued customary land certificates

Lands State Minister Persis Namuganza witnessed the issuance of customary land titles to some Nwoya locals on Wednesday. Courtesy photo.

Nwoya district leaders have yesterday admitted that the only way to reduce the rampant land wrangle and conflicts among the community of both Acholi and Nwoya is to issue customary land owners’ certificate.

On Wednesday during the issuing of about 400 customary land certificates to the residents of Lungulu sub – county in Nwoya district by a non-profit organization, ZOA, Okello Patrick Oryema, the Nwoya district LC5 chairperson admitted to Lands state minister Persis Namuganza that with the issuing of customary land certificates in the hot spots area of Alero and Lungulu sub-counties, it has helped to combat down drastically the high level of land wrangles in the two areas, and that it has improved on production as they can now do garden work and improve on peace among community.

Atube Denis, the Lungulu sub-county LC3 chairperson also admitted that before ZOA came in to support, his office was registering very many land related cases and conflicts which some, he says has resulted to loss of lives and others still rotting in prison due to land boundary conflicts among themselves.

Auma Pamela, a resident of Owee village, Lungulu sub-county also a widow of four orphans who received the customary land certificate, expresses her happiness on receiving the certificate saying that: “Since I lost my husband, I have been denied land ownership and rights”.

Persis Namuganza, who’s the state minister lands said that 80% of lands in Uganda is owned communally, and never had any legal documents to protect it from land grabbers as there ‘are no evidences over such particular land’.

She added that the certificate of customary land ownership that was issued on Wednesday in her presence is a legal document which is mandatory by the law.

She however warned those whose land have been surveyed and issued the certificate not to use the certificate for loans and selling off the land which may make them lose the land to land grabbers and buyers.

Minister further added that as government they are also going to enroll to other parts of the country to ensure that customary land are registered, also warning the government big wigs who are using their positions within Acholi sub-region region for grabbing land to stop, saying that: “I’m going to intervene and report them to the president.”

ZOA piloted this project of land and food security in Alero sub-county which has reduced on the land wrangle in the area of Panyabono parish which had the highest recorded cases of land wrangles and conflicts in the sub county.

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