Lawyer Makmot in trouble again for spewing hot air, ULS, Law Council called in to tame him

Makmot Kibwanga (R) with his co-accused with whom he was charged for uttering false statements about Nekyon's death

Barely a year after he was arrested for spreading lies about the death of Hajji Akbar Adoko Nekyon, city lawyer Adams Makmot Kibwanga is again spreading lies against government compensation.

Kibwanga who has already attracted the wrath of political, opinion leaders in the North and the general public is said to have authored a missive criticizing President Yoweri Museveni for the government compensation programme to the victims of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) war.

Led by Presidential advisor on political affairs in Lango Sub-region, Levi Okodi Macpio a group of leaders from the North told the media in Kampala yesterday that: “Makmot is just an opportunist. The entire Lango sub-region is happy with the directive of President Yoweri Museveni to have compensation done this Financial Year. This matter started way back in 2014 and we have been waiting since so his views are just personal and do not represent those of the victims or the Langi.”

He said the proper beneficiaries have been verified by the High Court which heard the matter and made orders; verification was done by the Attorney General, Auditor General and security agencies like Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), Internal Security Organization among others and the beneficiaries are happy and content.

Okodi said Makmot can’t be trusted because he is an unreliable person who goes around peddling lies and launching smear campaign to gain cheap popularity so as the Presidential advisor, he could not just let him malign the name of the president.

“Makmot claims the compensation has been high jerked by powerful law firms yet he is a person who just jumped on the bandwagon after seeing that several lawyers had won compensation cases for their clients. Secondly, he has no right to choose for the victims lawyers to represent them. They knew he was around and they chose those other lawyers over him,” Okodi said.

He revealed that Makmot controversially filed a case in court demanding forShs1.1trillion shilling with interest of 25% and taxed costs of 53.9billion which is a third of the national budget. 

He said he used this very case to con many locals in the area asking them for Shs10, 000 registration fees and another amount for opening bank accounts which forced the police to intervene and charged him. The accounts had to be closed to avoid being used to defraud the unsuspecting public.

“His case is yet to be concluded in court, verification of claimants has not been done but he is rushing to write letter to the president demanding to be compensated for 272 heads of cattle he claims his father had from another case where he is not a party or counsel. We know him and his father as recent immigrants to the area, which never had any cattle,” he revealed.

“He claims that his father Rajab Shaban was imprisoned in 1980 for supporting President Museveni NRA war but its common knowledge that by that time, Museveni was the Minister of Defence in Uganda National Liberation Front (UNLF) government. He only went to the bush in 1981 so how could he have been arrested for supporting a minister at the time?” Okodi said.

He further revealed that Makmot’s father Rajab Shaban is an immigrant from Tanzania who first settled in Otuke. He further disputed Makmot’s assertion that his father was arrested in 1980 and imprisoned for supporting president Museveni.

“His claim that his father was arrested for supporting the President is a hoax because in 1980 President Museveni was at that time the Minister of defense in the UNLF government so there is no way he could have been arrested for supporting a minister of defence in a sitting government,” he said.

Okodi said it is common knowledge among elders in the area that Makmot’s father was arrested over defilement and remanded to Luzira and secondly when he migrated to Uganda, he settled in Otuke so he could not have been arrested from Dokolo in 1980s.

He said Makmot also insults the president in his letter that he uses UPDF to guard his cattle at his farm in Otuke and yet he is begging the same person to influence government to pay him over Shs1.5trillion.

He said the Northerners are tired of saboteurs of the compensation and shall not hesitate to deal with them legally if they persist. The presidential advisor wondered why Makmot wants the president to intervene in his case yet he knows courts are independent.

“Why is he politicizing his case? He is just being disrespectful to the President. I call upon the Law Council and Uganda law society to call him to order for putting the legal profession into disrepute. You cannot have a lawyer who goes around spreading lies and causing disharmony,” Okodi said.

He said Makmot is like chasing wind in his efforts to sabotage fellow Northerners whose compensation is ready because government has already resolved that any compensation will be paid directly into the claimants’ account like it was done in the case of former ISO officers who were recently paid by State House and not to association accounts or lawyers like him.

 In his letter dated May 8, 2018 which landed him in trouble with the police, Makmot claimed to have been instructed by family members to report to police that they were apprehensive that Nekyon had died under mysterious circumstances from Sheraton Hotel and was falsely stated that he died in Nsambya.

The lethal letter Lawyer Makmot wrote after Nekyon death last year.

“Our clients are suspecting close family members, some of them prominent politicians, who had financial and property issues with the late Nekyon and who have since his death been persistently trying to get access to his house,” reads in part the Letter Makmot-Kibwanga wrote.

A day after he wrote it, family members of the late including former President Milton Obote’s son Nimmy Akena distanced themselves from Makmot’s claims forcing the police to arrest him. Even Sheraton hotel was up in arms against him for soiling its good name.

 Efforts to talk to Makmot were fruitless as his known phone numbers have been off since he wrote the scathing letter.

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