Boxing Day “Joy”: Drunken man fell off his bike, left for Heaven

Take note: Picture used is not the actual one. Courtesy photo.


The Atiak Police Outpost in Amuru district on Boxing Day had to be with dead body of a drunken man for some hours.

He died in a single road accident, police say.

Geoffrey Nokrach, 28 – who was a resident of Parwaca village in Atiak sub-county in Amuru district, died on Boxing Day at around 2am.

According to Atiak police, the deceased was high, having taken enough beer.

He was riding a Bajaj motorcycle registration number UEH 101A when he met his death.

Aswa region police spokesperson, Patrick Jimmy Okema says: “Nokrach was drunk when he got involved in a single accident.” 

“Nokrach was from a drinking joint and while returning home, he fell off the motorcycle and died instantly,” Mr. Okema added.

The deceased was taken to Atiak health center IV on Tuesday [Boxing Day], and police revealed that no relatives had come to claim their son’s body by close of business that day.

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