AMURU: Fire destroys 250 acres of sugar cane plantation

In January 2015 - fire also gutted Kakira sugar plantation. Courtesy photo.


Police has commenced investigations after 250 acres of sugar cane plantation belonging to Horyal Investment Holding Limited in Atiak sub-county in Amuru district was set ablaze.

Jimmy Patrick Okema – the Aswa region police spokesperson confirmed this on Monday while addressing journalists at NUMEC in Gulu town.

“The incident happened on November 26 on the plantation located in Atiak sub-county in Amuru district,”he says.

According to Mr. Okema, the fire is suspected to be set by hunters, charcoal burners or by aggrieved people in conflict with the company over land. Okema added this is their preliminary report.

This contemporary news website understands that the company reported case at Police CID headquarters in Kibuli, Kampala but police of Aswa region headquarters were instructed to expedite the investigation. 

“We appeal to Horyal investment to make use of local leaders and police on ground so that in case of any incident they are first informed for quick response,” a police source at Kibuli told us.

A joint team of police officers from Amuru and Gulu districts have taken up investigation and already intelligence reports is linking to some individuals.

Horayl Investment Holding Limited has a total 13,841 acres of sugar plantations on the Eastern Bank of River Unyama and is projected to generate 1,650 tons of raw cane daily, producing 66,000 tons of sugar annually.

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